Audio Guest Book For Weddings: Record Voicemails on a Vintage Phone at Your Wedding

Are you looking for a fun alternative to the usual, traditional wedding guest books for weddings, quinceaneras, or events? Book our all new audio guest book for your wedding or party!

The audio guest book is new, trending, and ironically, also retro & vintage, all at once! Your friends, family, and guests will all wish they had an audio guest book phone to leave an audio voicemail at their wedding or event, too! 🙂

Rent an Audio Guest Book Phone for Your Wedding or Event

audio guest book for weddings

Your Family, Friends & Guests Can Record a Message on a Retro Vintage Phone

pay phone guest book

Having an audio guest book phone at your wedding or party is easy. There’s no need to order a wedding audio guest book and have to deal with the hassle of transport or shipping, or worrying if you’ll even receive it on time. Even “free shipping” can still be a hassle. Let us do the hard work at your wedding!


  • We’ll deliver a limited edition vintage phone (rotary telephone or payphone) and set up the audio guest book for your wedding guests, along with a sign with simple instructions on how to leave messages.
  • You can even create a custom greeting, such as “Hey, this is the new Mr. & Mrs. Smith! Thanks for attending our wedding. Leave a message after the beep!”
  • Simply ask your guests to leave a voicemail or record their audio message after the tone or beep by pressing the button. That’s it!


After the event, we’ll gather all of the messages and send you the messages in a file. Your guests can leave an unlimited number of greetings or messages! Check out the video, below, to see how the wedding audio guest book works! Simply click on the photo and the video and audio will play.

Capture Messages & Memories for a Timeless Keepsake

You’ll have all of your family, friends, and wedding guests voicemails and audio recordings sent to you in a file, or we can even get them on a vinyl record and have it sent to you. Your phone audio guest book is a great way to capture the memories from your wedding day. You’ll have this audio to listen to and remember for years to come. Wedding couples love it and so do their guests! 

Get More Information on How to Rent One

Ready to get this wedding guest book experience for your wedding or event guests? Keep in mind, we only have two phones that we’ll book per day. So don’t hesitate, pick up the phone, give us a call, and leave a voice message if we don’t answer (no pun intended), or send us an email for more info, today. 🙂

The guest book phone can be yours. Your wedding or event guests will love the vintage phone audio guestbook rental! Contact us, today, for more guestbook details and information. Let’s make your wedding or event awesome!