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Great Wedding DJs Play Great Music!

Hiring the right DJ really makes all the difference for your wedding, quinceanera or event! Great music plays a very important role in the overall mood of your event. Our goal is to ensure you and your guests have an amazing, memorable time, and to help create great memories that will last a lifetime! This is why we let you decide what we play. You can choose the genres for each part of the evening, you select the artists, and even tell us your must-play and do-not-play songs! If you want to pick every song, for every minute of the night, you can do that, too.

We recommend that you tell us your must-plays and favorite artists, and also select the genres you’d like to hear. We’ll play your favorites, as well as the top hits from your selected genres, to keep your guests dancing all night! Don’t care to be that specific? No problem, just tell us the genres and a few of your favorite artists and let our professional DJs do the rest!

Your Memories, Our Passion

Our motto is “Specializing in Music & Memories.” This truly captures what we do. We are passionate about music & about making sure your special day is one to remember! We know your special day is truly an important milestone moment in your life and we know that there are no do-overs! We’ll always strive to do our best to fulfill your vision of your big day!

When it comes to music, we’ve got you covered! We play a wide variety of music, such as:

  • Country, Texas Country
  • Top 40, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B
  • 50s – 2010s
  • Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Blues
  • Folk, Indie, Americana, Bluegrass Jazz, Big Band, Swing, Post-modern Jukebox
  • Latin Genres: Salsa, Merengue, Pop En Espanol, Bachata, Reggaeton, etc.
  • Spanish Genres: Tejano, Norteno, Cumbias, Huapangos, etc. (We also have several bilingual DJs)
  • Other genres we have played at events include: Polka, German, Czech, Hindi, Bollywood, Punjabi, Chinese, Vietnamese, Bosnian, and every other genre you can think of. We’ve done numerous multicultural weddings and have played music from nearly every country in the worl

Choosing the Right Music for Your Wedding/Event

We’ve made it easy to select the music for your wedding or event! Check out our online music library to search for music by song title or artist. Need more help/guidance? Check out our “most requested” tab, for music listed by genre, decade, billboard genre charts, popular wedding songs, wedding key moment songs (first dance, parent dances, and more).

Also, if you can’t find a song or artist in our online library, it does NOT mean we don’t have it. We have tons of music. This list is just a general list of the music we have. We have many more songs, genres, and artists. Contact us for more information. 

Need Help Selecting Your Wedding/Event Music?

If you need help selecting the perfect music for your wedding or event, we’re just a call, email, or text message away! Feel free to browse through the online library, and certainly reach out if you need additional guidance. We’re always happy to help you create the perfect playlist for your event!

Austin's Best DJs' Mixes

Yes, our wedding/event DJs mix, live, at every event we do. We know you don’t want to hire a human playlist (someone playing full songs, back to back, putting zero effort into your event). 

abdjs music mixes
Great Memories, Start With Great Music! - Austin's Best DJs & Photo Booths

Want to hear some music mixes? Check out our Soundcloud mixes, below!

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