DJ Drummer: Book a DJ & Live Band Experience for Your Event

If you’re looking for great entertainment that is far different from the usual, book our DJ drummer combo! Most people struggle to choose between a wedding DJ vs a band, but now, you don’t have to. You can book the best of both worlds for your 2022 event! 

Book the Best DJ & Live Drummer Combo for Weddings & Events

dj drummer austin

Get the Live Music Experience

You and your guests will get to enjoy a great live performance experience with the DJ playing your favorite songs and one of Austin’s Best DJ’s drummers, drumming along to the song. We’ll play the exact version of the song you know and love (not the band’s version of it). This is sure to please the guests who love live music, as well as guests who want the best of what DJs have to offer! 

In addition to this great entertainment experience, you can also book any of our other options to make your special celebration just the way you want it! Be sure to check out our services and rentals pages to see all the we have to offer.

An Amazing Performance for Austin Events

Our live drummer and disc jockey combo is perfect for weddings, corporate events, quinceaneras, hora loca (for weddings) and any event that wants to provide an awesome, unforgettable experience for their guests! We can add all of the sound and lighting that you’d see with a live band or concert, too. Your guests will be blown away and talk about your event for years to come!

Reach out to us, today, to learn more about our services. 

About our Awesome Musicians

jayson drummer

Jayson is one of our drummers, and is also a great DJ on our team, too! Jayson Has Been playing drums/percussion for 20 years. He has played with a couple of local cover bands in Austin. He has experience in many genres including top 40, country, and Tejano/Norteno.