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Explore our Stunning Range of Flower Wall Options for Austin Events

Step into a world of enchanting blooms with our flower wall rental company in Austin, TX. We’re not just about the flower wall; we’re your partners in crafting unforgettable moments. Immerse your guests in the beauty of silk flowers, artfully arranged to create a spectacular wall backdrop with color and life.

pink flower wall backdrop

We’ve tailored our flower wall rental cost to cater to every budget, at $395, ensuring your event design gleams with elegance without the stress of overspending. Our flower wall rentals create a transformative ambiance that captivates and inspires. Make it not just an event, but an experience, with our flower walls – because we believe that the perfect flower wall is more than a décor element, it’s a statement.


Let’s make your next gathering bloom with beauty. It’s time to rent a flower wall in Austin, TX, and watch your reception transform with the magic of floral finesse.

Creating Unforgettable Memories with Garland-Adorned Flower Walls

In the heart of Austin, TX, our flower garland-adorned flower walls have become the quintessential backdrop for creating unforgettable moments at every celebration. They’re not just a beautiful backdrop, they’re a statement—one that says your special day is adorned with the beautiful combination of elegance and flair.


Each flower wall is crafted to add that extra layer of beauty to your celebration. Looking to infuse a modern twist? Our neon signs are designed to complement the natural radiance of the flower walls, offering a striking balance between the classic and contemporary.


With a vibrant view of white blooms wrapped in greenery, the walls provide a stunning visual that guests are sure to admire. You don’t just rent a flower wall; you invest in adding the finishing touch to your event. Let our flower wall backdrops be the centerpiece that brightens your venue and leaves everyone in awe.

Rent a Beautiful Flower Wall to Enhance Your Austin Event Ambience

Transform your event’s atmosphere with a flower wall. The sight of an elegantly flower wall creates a stunning backdrop sure to wow your guests. Whether it’s for weddings, quinceañera, corporate events, or any special occasion, the beauty of a flower wall can elevate the vibe and atmosphere.   Our flower wall services offer custom designs that cater to your event’s theme, ensuring that each flower wall complements your unique decor, for unforgettable memories and photos that these floral arrangements can provide. Choose from an array of florals that bring life to every corner of your venue space.   Our Austin flower wall renting process is seamless. Just choose your custom flower wall, and we deliver, setup, and pick up everything. Don’t forget to inquire about our neon sign add-ons for that extra pop of color. Your Austin event deserves more than just a wall—it deserves a masterpiece of flowers, craftsmanship, and custom touches that only we can provide.   Check out our other backdrops!