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Lighting Rental Austin: When it comes to customizing your wedding, quinceanera, party, or event, you have numerous options to make your wedding/event unique. Let’s be honest, NO ONE wants to have the exact same wedding as their friend, sister, brother, etc. Everyone wants to have a fun, memorable experience, that’s different from the rest.

Where to Place Lighting & Uplighting

pink uplighting wedding

There are many ways to make your wedding, quinceanera, or event, different. Adding lighting can bring your tables, linens, and centerpieces together!

When you use the perfect light/lights, it’s like painting the walls a different color, except we’ll use lighting equipment and there’s no clean up, after! Lighting & uplighting can accent:

  • Cake tables
  • Guest Sign-in Table
  • Head Table
  • Dance floor/stage
  • Any area that is a focal point
  • We’ve even added lighting equipment outside, onto trees, which looks great, too!

Our lighting rentals can match most colors for your 2021/2022 wedding or event theme! Simply choose a custom light color and our professional rental production customer service team will bring your vision to life. Our event lighting is perfect for weddings, a company/office party, film/video production, and all other events!

Our Uplighting, Monogram, & Event Rentals

outdoor string lighs
Rent Outdoor String Lights for Weddings

Wedding uplighting, string lights, dance floor lighting, projection mapping, and monograms can make a huge difference at events! It will look great on camera (for your wedding day videos), and in all of your photos! In the top picture we used pink lighting (wireless LED uplighting) to match the wedding venue decor/theme. We set up wireless uplighting all around the room, front to back.

Lighting Equipment Differences

One frequently asked question is: what’s the difference between your lighting and other professional Austin, TX lighting companies?

  • High-quality wireless LED lighting. We prefer wireless LED lights since wireless lights can be set up without a power outlet. Not everyone offers wireless equipment, so be sure to ask about this.
  • Hundreds of custom colors are available on our wireless lights!
  • FREE delivery, set up and pickup, with every light rental. Free set up is almost unheard of in the event rental industry.
  • The highest quality, professional lights & products that are literally the brightest lights in the business (our lights can be set up to 155 watts). We don’t use beat-up, low quality, used lights or light equipment!

Professional Lighting Equipment Rental Brands

Some light rental companies may name certain brands, but honestly, the average wedding couple has no idea about which professional equipment is best to use. So when the light rental salesperson talks about how their production team will only use/rent this certain professional quality light equipment, most clients’ eyes will quickly glaze over.

The technical lighting equipment rental details don’t matter to most people. What matters most is the light brightness (watts) and which areas you want to highlight.

Light Brightness

The biggest difference in lighting is how bright the lights are. Uplighting brightness can range from 10-155 watts. Most DJ companies, planners, and venues offer light rentals that range from 10 watts – 25 watts. Lower wattage means you’ll need to rent more lights/equipment.

Professional Lighting Solutions

Professional lighting rental companies usually offer 40-50 watt lights. The brighter the light, the better, since it will take fewer lights to light up your venue. You can light up the full reception area, or even the entire venue, front to back, inside and out!

Most professional lighting and uplighting rental companies in Austin (and anywhere) usually use the 40-50 watt halogen or LED lights for rent.

The Perfect Lighting for Your Special Day

wedding monogram Austin's Best DJs

Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths offers professional lighting rentals that can be as bright as 155 watts! We want the best experience for our clients (hence our name), so we invest in the highest quality light equipment on the market.

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Contact us, or call (phone number, below) to discuss your 2021/2022 lighting (uplights, string lighting, monogram, dance floor lighting) rental details. All 2021 & 2022 lighting rentals come with free location delivery, set up & pickup.