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Explore Shimmer Wall Rentals in Austin for Events and Weddings

champagne shimmer wall

When you’re planning an unforgettable event or a wedding in Austin, the right backdrop can set the stage for an evening of glam and charm. Dive into our fantastic selections of shimmering (pun intended) products and selection, designed to infuse your soirée with sparkle.


We offer a variety of colors to perfectly match your theme. Imagine the radiant glow of neon signs bouncing off a sea of shimmering colors, or the elegance of wooden cutouts framed by the twinkling allure of a shimmer wall.


Renowned for their versatility and visual appeal, shimmer walls can transform any space into an enchanting setting. Whether you’re in need of a single or multiple backdrops, we’ve got you covered. Check out our wall rental selections, get a quote and place an order with us for your next event—it’s time to make those magical moments even more memorable!

Rental Price for Shimmer Walls & Products for Your Celebration

Elevate your event with the perfect synergy of a balloon garland, uplighting, a neon sign, and a shimmer wall to transform your celebration into a spectacle of sparkle and color. These walls have become the go-to decorations in Austin, not just for their glistening elegance but for the versatility they offer. Whether it’s a wedding, quince, baby shower, or an extravagant affair, these wall rentals fill the space with an aura of sophistication.


Our rental price is $349 for up to 8 hours. This includes delivery, setup, and pickup. Available colors: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, and Champagne. Many people use these, along with a flower wall for wedding decor – such as setting them up near the dessert table, use matching chair covers, or even use them for table runners!


The shimmering wall acts as a magnetic centerpiece that catches every eye. Don’t settle for regular backdrops when you can elevate your aesthetic, radiate glam, and bring shine and vibrancy to your event!

Shimmer Wall Reviews: What Customers in Austin Think

When it comes to adding a touch of dazzle to events, Austinites can’t stop raving about the magic of our shimmering backdrops. Clients looking to rent these radiant backdrops immediately fall in love with the look  and vibe they bring their celebrations. With glowing reviews, our walls and other options and lighting have become the highlight, creating an immersive atmosphere that’s both chic and memorable.


Create a captivating sparkle and vibrant glow to elevate the visual experience and make your event shine. These shimmering panels for a wedding, party, or a corporate gala, and the feedback is unanimous: Austin’s Best DJs will make your event sparkle!


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