How Much is it to Rent a 360 Photo Booth?

360 photo booth cost

How much is a 360 photo booth rental? These booths are very popular. We get emails and costs, every week, asking about the hottest new photobooth for weddings, quinceaneras, corporate events, birthday parties, and formal events.

The costs to rent any spinning photo booth varies depending on where you’re located, how many companies are offering it, the date, the season, etc. In general, the cost ranges from as little as $500 for a 2 hour rental (which is an affordable price and budget friendly option), up to as much as $3500 for a wedding or event, depending on the options you choose and the photo booth rental company you hire and your event requirements.

Let’s break down the costs, features, and options, below.

Types and Features

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Some options that affect the rental cost are the booth size or the size of the platform.

Rental Time

The total amount of time you need will affect the rental rate. Some companies charge an hourly rate, while others may charge a flat rate. You may have to pay an additional cost for things such as a travel fee, delivery, additional hours, and possibly setup fees, as well. Any company you choose will require a security deposit or retainer. Most will charge 25 – 50%.

Be sure to ask about space requirements. Most companies will have around an 8X8 setup space requirement.

Customization, Branding, and Other Options

Custom Options – if you want to add a custom backdrop (such as one with your name or company logo), this will add to the price. You can also order a 360 degree backdrop that will surround the entire video area!

You can even order custom branding on the platform/stage, too. Lighting – basic lighting is included, but you can upgrade to include lighting all around the platform, which will help your guests look great and result in amazing videos!

You can add custom props, company logos to the videos, custom text, and more. The creative options are endless. Be sure to ask about backdrops, and backdrop options such as a green screen backdrop, flower walls, and shimmer walls.

Additional Services

All 360-degree photo booths normally include: set up and takedown time, rental time, a booth operator, basic customization options to match your event theme, digital galleries or an online gallery, digital copies, and a social media sharing station to allow guests to share their videos to their social media platforms.

Rental vs. Purchase Cost

All of these options, above, will affect the total price you pay. The average price range for a 360 booth in the Austin area (and most other areas) for a wedding or event will be around $1200 – $1500 for a basic 4-hour event standard service package.

If you’re looking to invest in your own photo booth business, there are plenty of companies that have various photo booth models and photobooths for sale. The cost to purchase ranges from as little as $1800 up to $5000 or more, depending on the platform type and size you want.

You also still have to purchase the photo booth software, backdrops, lighting, a tablet or iPad or iPhone, and another tablet for a sharing station.

We hope this has been helpful. Please contact us for any upcoming events and more info. Visit our photobooth cost article for a more in-depth look at pricing.