Unique Wedding Themes

Unique Wedding Themes

Unique Wedding Themes
Planning a wedding is extremely hard work. There’s a huge to-do list as it is, and the last thing anyone would want to do is skip over an important element, like unique wedding themes. However, having a theme for any event brings it to life and makes a huge difference.
It makes the day more fun and interesting, playful, immersive and engages guests in conversation and delight. So, if you’re a bride or groom-to-be and don’t want a traditional white wedding, here are some completely unique and fun wedding themes to consider when planning your big day. Let’s dive in!

1. Derby Wedding Theme

The first theme on our list is a Kentucky Derby themed wedding. Elegant hats are a staple at the derby and a fun element that can be added to your wedding party. Have your bridesmaids wear the floppy-est and most feathered elegant hats they own and have the groomsmen strut a fancy fedora and suspenders. For the centerpiece, pick out graceful horse sculptures for each table, or to simplify it, a bouquet of roses with a gold medal to label the table number. For this theme, the fancier the better!

2. Superhero Wedding

If you and your partner in life are also partners in crime, you might want to choose a superhero/villain theme for your big day. Feel free to dress your wedding party in capes, or even full-out superhero costumes, depending on how big of a Marvel Comics fan you are.
There are definitely enough superheroes to go around! You can include colorful invitations and a superhero-themed cake of course, along with comic book-style decorations throughout. Plus, if you rent a photo booth, there’s a huge opportunity to include awesome photo booth props!

3. Game of Thrones Wedding Theme

For a more medieval feel, Game of Thrones just might be your cup of tea. This theme might sound slightly barbaric at first, but it can actually be quite romantic. Send out your invitations with a Lannister red wax seal, display the seating arrangements by noble houses, and say your vows in a candle-lit room.
Some decorations can include beautiful flower arrangements in Victorian vases, rustic wooden centerpieces, and a feast fit for a king. This is as royal as it gets – at least in the 21st century. Don’t forget a throne for the bride and groom! Of all the unique wedding themes, people seem to really love this theme at weddings.

4. Halloween Theme

Does the sound of a traditional, white wedding make you cringe? Change it up and surprise your friends and family with a spookier theme: Halloween. Quite possibly the most decorated holiday, besides Christmas, it can be utilized to make your wedding hauntingly divine.
You can find cute Halloween dresses for the bride tribe and dress the grooms as skeletons, vampires, or ghouls. There’s nothing more dramatic than a black wedding gown. Decorate your venue by hanging bats from the ceiling, using tombstones for the centerpieces, and cover the entire place with synthetic spider webs.
You can even customize your napkins to say “until death do us part” and have red, drippy frosting on your cake that resembles blood. Feel free to get really creative with this one. This is by far one of the most unique wedding themes we’ve experienced!

5. Circus Wedding Theme

If you want to get creative beyond the decorations, however, you might consider planning around a really unique venue instead. If that’s the case, a circus theme would certainly wow your guests. Place the dancefloor in the center of a large, white tent, like any circus main attraction, and treat your guests with gourmet popcorn and cotton candy.
If you want to kick things up a notch, you can hire live circus entertainment like trapeze artists and fire-breathers. Of all the wedding themes we’ve seen, we’ve actually never seen a circus wedding theme, so this is certainly one of the very unique wedding themes!

6. Color & Texture Wedding Theme

Believe it or not, all unique wedding themes involved the couple’s vision of color and decor. For a fancy yet creative wedding, incorporate a color and texture theme. It might sound a little plain jane at first, but with a little imagination, it can be unique and classy.
Start by having different textured decors like faux fur vases with different flower arrangements, clay plates with wooden utensils, and silk chair covers with a pearl accent. Bump up the creativity with a subtle color scheme, and you’ll be in for a pleasant outcome.

7. Las Vegas Wedding Theme

Destination weddings can get expensive quickly, and not everyone is willing to make the trip. Sure, Las Vegas may not seem to be different among all the unique wedding themes. However, why not bring a trip to you? For those who want to escape to Las Vegas for their wedding but are on a tight budget, you can create a show-stopping event right in your hometown!

You can set up blackjack tables with a fully stocked bar, and have a cabaret singer serenade the crowd for the night. Throw in an Elvis impersonator and your guests will easily forget they aren’t dining in Sin City. 

8. Ferry Wedding Theme

Last, but certainly not least, the theme on our list is a Ferry wedding. That’s right, you can say your “I Do’s” while floating along on a romantic ferry boat. This makes for a fun night of celebrating once the ceremony is over.
Imagine feeling the summer breeze and being able to gaze up at the stars at any given moment in the night. This theme also makes decor easy and fun. The boat itself supplies natural decor but you can spice it up by creating ocean-themed centerpieces.

Our list of unique wedding themes & ideas doesn’t have to be the limit to your theme. There are many more paths you can take when planning to have a one-of-a-kind wedding. Don’t forget, the most important thing at the end of the day is becoming one with your spouse and being surrounded by those you love most. Congratulations and good luck!

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