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Affordable wedding djs & photo booth rentals

If you’re searching for affordable wedding DJs or affordable photo booth rentals, you’ve found us! I know you may think, wait, doesn’t ‘affordable’ mean lower quality or not as good? In some cases, this may be true, but as you know, it isn’t always true. We get it.

There are clients that are DIY clients who want to save as much money as possible, and on the other hand, there are also clients who want to spend as much money as possible. We’re going to discuss both clients, today. Let’s dive into your options for an affordable wedding DJ and/or affordable photo booth rental for your Austin, San Antonio, or central Texas wedding (or any event).

Budget-Conscious Clients

For the budget-conscious clients, there are plenty of ways to save on your wedding or event, and still, have an amazing wedding! We have plenty of wedding and event planning tips to help you save money. Just scroll down to our categories and click on the “money-saving tips” category.

If you’re really a DIY bride or groom, we even wrote an article “How to DJ Your Own Wedding & Save!” Seriously, we tell you exactly how you can DJ your own wedding or event, step by step. 🙂 Yes, it seems strange that we’d tell you how you can not hire us and save, but we do. We’re here to help clients have the wedding they’ve always dreamed of, whether they choose to hire us or not.

So if you really want affordable wedding DJs, this would be the most affordable choice. 🙂 

Affordable Wedding DJs

So for the budget-conscious clients, we’re actually a pretty good fit, too! We are not the cheapest in town, nor do we actually want to be; however, we’re definitely not the most expensive in town, either. There are companies that charge 5 times more than we do (and we’re not sure who is paying for their services, either).

We’re certainly not the cheapest when it comes to pricing. The quality of services we provide, however, is top-notch! In comparison to some DJ companies, we provide affordable wedding DJs! In comparison to some photo booth companies, we also provide an affordable photo booth rental, too! There are DJ companies who charge $5000 for 4-5 hours. Also, there are photo booth companies that charge $4500 for 4-5 hours. 

5-Star Service, for a 4 Star Price

If we have to use a metaphor, we’d say we’re a 5-star luxury hotel, for a 4-star price! Our team consists of the most talented DJs in the area, too! All of our DJs have 10 years or more, of experience. We won’t hire newbies who will learn at your wedding’s expense.

Everyone has to start somewhere, but it won’t be with us. You’ll be happy to know that we only hire experienced, professional DJs who will do their absolute best to make sure you have the best wedding day, ever! Experience matters! Especially for one of the most important days of your life!

Clients Who Want the Best, No Matter the Cost

Now, let’s discuss the clients who want the best for their wedding, regardless of the cost. As we mentioned, earlier, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You don’t get a chance to re-do your wedding day. We get it. Of course, you want the best, most experienced DJs available.

No one wants any chance for errors and you want to have your wedding go exactly as you planned it. Wedding planning is time-consuming and not easy to do (unless you hired a full-service wedding planner). 🙂

It takes months to plan your wedding day. This means you want it to go just as you planned and therefore, maybe hiring the most expensive DJ or band makes sense. The saying “you get what you pay for” surely makes sense. Well, we’re here to say otherwise. Why will the $5000 DJ be better than the $1500 DJ?

What will their DJ do, differently? Is it their set up? Do they have celebrity DJs on their team? Do they have the most amazing DJ roster that deserves top dollar? Ask what makes them different. We’d love to hear your comments about why they charge $5000. Why does the $4500 photo booth company deserve that rate? Let’s discuss how we’re different. 

ABDJs is the Best of Both Worlds!

Finally, let’s discuss our services. In no way are we simply trying to sell you on our services. We’re just presenting the facts and will let you make the decision. No sales-y pitch, here. We don’t force clients to call us or to come by and meet in person.

We’re not that DJ company. We’re perfectly fine meeting you where you are. If you’re too busy and only have time to meet on FaceTime, no problem! If you only want to email, that works for us, too. So let’s discuss how we’re the best of both worlds.

On one hand, we’re affordable, especially when you compare us to the $5000 companies. Our average client spends less than half of that, for a great wedding package! We offer affordable wedding DJs (relative to some companies). Yes, the $5000 DJ company will use the exact same equipment we do for your wedding ceremony and reception. The same speakers, same microphones, same lighting, etc.

If you choose the songs you want to include for your playlist, we’ll even play the exact same songs! So why would you spend way more, again? If you simply want to pay more, hey, we’re not opposed to adding a nice tip for your DJ! 🙂 haha

Affordable Photo Booth Rentals

If you’re looking for affordable photo booth rentals, we’ve got you covered, too! We’ve done our research and provide the exact same photo booth equipment as the “luxury” photo booth companies. Yup, same software, same dye-sub printer, same logo or text offerings, same backdrops, you get the idea. What’s different? The price. Nothing else.

Why do we Provide Affordable Wedding DJs?

You may be asking yourself, why does ABDJs provide more affordable wedding DJs, or an affordable photo booth rental, when they have top-notch talent, great services, and over 400 five star reviews? The answer is simply because we’re not greedy.

We’re here to help everyone have the wedding they’ve always dreamed of, at a reasonable price. We realize we’re not cheap, and we can’t compete with the cheap companies on price. However, with 158 years of combined experience, we know our DJs will do a great job.

We’re not going to add the dreaded “wedding tax.” We’re fair because we were once in your shoes. We planned our own wedding, nearly 3 years ago. We had to plan every detail, hire wedding vendors, deal with the sales pitches, the bombarding emails, dozens of phone calls, etc. 🙁

It was tough, but we vowed to make our clients’ experiences, different. We vowed to make our services, better, if not the best. 🙂 We hope we’ve helped you in your quest to find affordable wedding DJs, affordable photo booth rental, or just great info. Contact us, today, and let’s celebrate, together!

-Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths


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