What to do After Your Wedding Day

Post-Marriage 101: What to Do After Your Wedding Day

after your wedding day

Even though you spent months, maybe even years, planning your wedding day, there are still a few things that you’ll need to do afterward. It may seem like this is a never-ending list but these are the final items that you should add to your post-wedding to-do list.

  • Send thank-you notes. It’s always best to end these sooner rather than later, simply because it’s easy to forget who gave you what once the honeymoon is over and you get back to work. Try scheduling a day in your calendar when you and your partner can sit down and send thank you notes. It’s always a good idea to schedule time off immediately after you return from your honeymoon (or after your wedding day if you’re not going on a honeymoon), just to do these things and give yourself some time to catch up on personal things. 
  • Create or update your will. Now that you’re married, you may find that you either want to create a will or update your existing documentation. If you’re planning to have children or adopt children, you’ll also want to have a will in place for that.
  • Update your insurance information. Now that your marital status has changed, you will want to update any and all insurance policies to include your spouse’s details. Even if you decide to keep things the same, it’s worth discussing, since you can often save money by choosing the best plan for both of you. 
  • Change your last name. If you will be taking your partner’s last name, you’ll need to take some time out to officially change it along with all of your official documentation such as your driver’s license, passport, credit cards, and don’t forget the biggest one, your SOCIAL MEDIA! 🙂  
  • Order your wedding album. The day you receive your photos from your photographer, order your wedding album as it can take several weeks to arrive. It can take a few weeks, up to even a few months to receive your wedding photos. Be sure to discuss the expected delivery time with your photographer/videographer. While you’re doing this, you might also want to select a few photos to print for your home – don’t forget the frames. Some couples also choose to print mini albums for their parents so find out whether your photographer offers these in their collections.
  • Give your favorite vendors a good review. If you were impressed with most or all of your vendors, give them a good 5-star review online. Many vendors rely heavily on reviews for their business, so take a few minutes to help them out. You can often do this instead of tipping if you just don’t have enough to tip. It will be greatly appreciated! 
  • Exchange the gifts you don’t want. If there are duplicates or gifts that you simply don’t want, take some time to return or exchange them before they end up gathering dust in a closet, or in your garage, in your home. Get stuff you really want or need! 

And there you have it, these are the final things you will need to do after your wedding day. By adding the tasks to your schedule ahead of time, it will be much easier to make sure they get done. 


Jason Alexander Rubio

Jason has a Master's of Education (MEd), and a Master's of Public Affairs (MPAff). and has been in the DJ field for over 2 decades as a DJ, nightclub owner, radio show DJ/host, bar/club DJ, concert & festival organizer/promoter, and is the co-founder and owner of Austin's Best DJs & Photo Booths, Radio DJ Drops, Rent Letters Now, and Quince Expos.Jason is also a certified wedding/event planner and has written articles/been featured in The NY Times, Brides, Style Me Pretty, Bustle, Disc Jockey News, DJ Times, DJNTV, The DJ Insider, Mobile Beat, My Wedding Songs, Fox Business News, NBC, ABC, Telemundo, and Wedding Planner Magazine.Jason also published his book "Succeeding in the Wedding Business," in January of 2023. He currently writes all of the wedding/event planning tips and blogs to help everyone plan their event, successfully!