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Transform Your Venue, With Uplighting

Austin Uplighting Rental & Custom Monogram Services: When it comes to customizing your wedding, quinceanera, party or event, you have numerous options to choose from, to make your wedding or event unique. Let’s be honest, NO ONE wants to have the exact same wedding as their friend, sister, brother, or anyone else.

When someone asks your guests, “Hey, how was the wedding this weekend?” Do you hope they say, “meh, it was exactly like all the weddings I’ve been to?” (we know your answer.) 🙂 Everyone wants to have a fun, memorable experience, that’s different from all the others.

Uplighting for Weddings, Quinceaneras & Events

uplighting rental
Austin Wedding Uplighting Rental

There are many ways to make your wedding or quinceanera different. You’ve worked hard to get the tables, linens, centerpieces, and everything else, to look just the way you want them to, with your theme in mind. One way to bring it all together is to add uplighting to your venue.

This is like painting your walls a completely different color, at home. Sure, it may still be your home, but adding a fresh coat of paint makes it look so much different and awesome! This is essentially what we do with our Austin uplighting rental services!

Uplighting can easily accent your cake table, guest sign-in table, head table, or anywhere that is a focal point of the event. Our uplighting can fit most colors for your wedding, quinceanera, party or event! You choose a color and add it to certain areas, to accent or highlight those areas. We’ll literally paint the venue’s walls to the color you want, just for your wedding, without paint! 🙂

The picture above is from a wedding we did at Canyonwood Ridge, in Dripping Springs, TX. We added pink uplighting to match the decor and theme colors. We had both wired and wireless uplighting all around the room. When the sun sets, the wedding uplighting truly makes a difference in the venue! It will look great in all of your photos!

Where Should You Place Uplighting?

You can add uplighting behind the head table (where the wedding party or guest of honor will sit), behind the cake table, at the sign-in table, and anywhere else. This would change the color of the walls and make a huge difference! We’ve even added uplighting outside, onto trees, which looks great, too!

We have wired uplighting, and wireless uplighting, for areas that do not have power nearby. We mostly use wireless, since they’re easier to place. Where we put them is completely up to you! If you don’t want to choose, no problem. Simply tell us you’re interested in our Austin uplighting rental service and we’ll place the lights where they’ll look best. 

How to Choose the Right Lighting Company

We know there are numerous companies that offer uplighting rentals. There are wedding DJ companies that offer this (like us), and your wedding venue may include it in their package. Also, wedding planners may also include it in their package, and then there are a few lighting companies that specialize in providing lighting for events. Everyone will offer their own type of uplighting. How do you know which Austin uplighting rental company/vendor is the best choice? 

First, determine your budget and what you want to spend on the lighting. If your venue already includes it, then you have already paid for it, yay! 🙂 Find out how many lights are included, though. Usually, the venue has plenty of uplighting that will decorate the entire venue. Venue managers know uplighting looks great, so it is a great way for them to upsell their clients (if it’s not included).

Next, if your venue does not include lighting, you’ll need to outsource it. Find out how much you’re wanting to spend, and how many lights that will get you. Start with the corners of the rooms, as well as the key areas, such as those we mentioned above. Count the number of lights you may need and factor that into your budget.

Austin uplighting rental prices can vary, but we’ve generally seen uplighting range from $20 per light, up to $100 per light! 

Why Choose Our Austin Uplighting Rental Services? 

One question we often hear is, what’s the difference between your lighting and other companies out there? First, we offer both wired and wireless uplighting. Both are great, but wireless is usually our go-to.

Wireless lights are great since you can put them anywhere and don’t need a power outlet. This means we can put them just about anywhere! Not everyone offers wireless, so be sure to ask about this.

The last main difference in lighting would be how bright the lights are. Uplighting brightness can range from 10 watts on up to over 150 watts. Most DJ companies, planners, and venues will offer lighting that ranges from 10 watts – 25 watts. Some may offer lighting that is 40-50 watts. The brighter, the better, of course.

The Austin uplighting rental companies usually offer the 40-50 watt lights. We actually offer higher-end lighting that can be as bright as 155 watts! We want the best for our clients (hence our name). 🙂 

Add a Personalized, Custom Monogram to Your Wedding

wedding monogramCustom monogram






Another way to make your wedding or event different is to add a personalized, custom monogramIn addition to wedding uplighting, you can also add a custom, personalized monogram to your wedding, party, quinceanera, or event. A monogram is a special lighted design that we can create, that says your name, the date, a custom logo, or whatever else you’d like it to say! Paired with an uplighting rental, these two options will really wow your guests!

You can choose from a variety of styles, and even add a video monogram! Not many people offer video monograms, but we’re glad to be one of the few who do! 🙂

Video Monograms

Video monograms are like the monograms you’ve seen at weddings, but they can move, change colors, etc. These monograms will blow your guests away! You rarely see video monograms, but you’ll remember them when you do! This is a great way to really personalize your wedding and make it different. 

We’re one of very few providers of these custom monograms, so book early! We also create our own, custom monograms, so no one else will have the exact same monogram, ever! Ask us for more details about this. 


Overall, adding uplighting and a custom monogram are two great ways to add a personal touch to your wedding. We have numerous other options to personalize your wedding to be just as unique as you are!

If you’re interested in our Austin uplighting rental services, check out our wedding and event packages and additional upgrades, to see how you can create your own, personalized wedding package, today!

– Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths

For more in-depth uplighting information, be sure to read our Austin Wedding Uplighting article! 

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