Class Reunion DJ & Photo Booth

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Class Reunion DJ

Hiring a class reunion DJ & photo booth doesn’t have to be challenging. We know planning class reunions can be a lot of work! Usually, there is a planning committee that divides the responsibilities, but either way, it can be just as much work as planning a wedding!
One thing is for sure for weddings, quinceaneras, parties & events: people ALWAYS remember the food and music! Be sure to hire a class reunion DJ & photo booth to provide fun entertainment for your guests!

First and foremost, you have to find a great venue to host your class reunion. You’ll need to get an accurate headcount or RSVP, to be able to select the venue that will best be able to provide a comfortable space for your party size.

Next, you’ll need to hire a great catering company or speak with your favorite restaurant, to see if they cater to large events. After you have secured your venue and food, which is usually the largest portion of your budget, next comes the entertainment! 

You need to hire a great class reunion DJ or band, for your class reunion. Be sure to speak with your band or DJ and let them know what type of reunion you’re having. Whether it’s a 10 year or 50-year reunion, it’s important for the band or DJ to know, so they know what type of music will best suit your event.

We’ve done a variety of reunions, and often do many 50-year class reunions! A great DJ will know exactly what to play, to take the attendees down memory lane, as well as play some current hits to keep the guests dancing, all night! 

Class Reunion Photo Booth Rental

Additionally, you should consider an Austin photo booth rental for your class reunion or event, as well. Your guests will have a blast taking selfies at the event, with their former classmates!

You can also ask your class reunion photo booth provider to add on a photo book, or photo album scrapbook, to the event. We’ll take a copy of each picture and have the guests place it in the album. The guests can write a personal message in the book, add fun stickers, or whatever else you’d like to add.

We’ve also seen where guests will send in their graduating picture, and the photo album will have that picture, along with a blank space for the new picture from the photo booth, for a “then and now” page! 🙂 This is always fun to see and do, as well. 

If you need more planning details or ideas, be sure to check out our blog for many more planning tips and great ideas for your class reunion! Read about our last 50th class reunion event, with Travis High School! The picture, above, is from the reunion. They danced to every song, all night! 🙂 Contact us, to hire your class reunion DJ & photo booth, today!

Class Reunion Music Ideas

​If you need some fun music ideas, be sure to check out our Top 25 Fun Wedding/Event Songs article. For a better idea of average event DJ costs, check out our How Much do DJs Cost article. As always, contact us for any questions and we’ll be happy to help!

– Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths 

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