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cold spark machine rental austin tx

If you’re looking for a cold spark machine rental in Austin or central Texas, we can help! These machines can help you create a truly unforgettable wedding, quinceanera, party or event! You can rent our cold spark machines to create an unforgettable first dance, father/daughter dance at a quinceanera, mother/son dance, last song, send-off, etc. These machines will truly create the wow factor at your event!

What is a Cold Spark Machine?

Cold spark machines are simulated sparkler fountains that are “cold” to the touch and cold, meaning they are safe for indoor use! Unlike traditional pyrotechnics, they won’t be hundreds of degrees! You can even touch them and not get burned, which is a huge plus! It’s actually 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

These machines also produce very minimal smoke and odor, which is definitely not the norm when it comes to fireworks or traditional pyrotechnics. The materials used in the cold spark machines have absolutely no explosive content. So no need to worry about safety and no need to worry about accidentally setting off the fire alarms! These are actually simulated pyrotechnics, which is far better since they eliminate all the risks involved with using pyro! Lastly, the cold spark height can also be controlled, from 2 feet, up to as high as 15 feet.

Options to Create an Unforgettable Wedding/Event

Besides the cold spark machine rentals, you can certainly add any of our optional upgrades to really wow your guests and create an unforgettable wedding, quinceanera, or event! Ask us about how to add a professional, upgraded light show similar to lighting you’d see at a concert! Also, you can add our custom lighted marquee letters with your name, initials, the word “love,” or anything you’d like!

We can also truly transform your venue with our event uplighting. Let us add uplighting to match your decor or theme. Uplighting looks great and can really make all the difference in how your venue looks. If you really want that wow factor, uplighting can certainly create it. When your guests walk in and say “wow, this looks amazing,” it’s usually because of how the venue looks.

Part of creating that wow is the decor, flowers, centerpieces, and bringing it all together with custom lighting! Combine all this with the cold spark machine rental, and marquee letter rentals, and you’ll have a wedding or event that your guests are sure to talk about for years to come! Contact us, today, for more details and let’s celebrate together!


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