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Tips to Combat Wedding Planning Stress & Anxiety! Austin's Best DJs & Photo Booths

Tips to Combat Wedding Planning Stress & Anxiety!

Dealing with Wedding Planning Stress

How many of us have ever dealt with the stress of a major work project, or the anxiety of meeting a deadline while trying to remain in control of everything? (Everyone raises hands). Right, same here. Let’s face it, stress sucks, but anxiety is hell.

Now, when you factor in planning the most important day of your life, that day you’ve always dreamed of as a little girl, it makes it harder. Add all of those tiny little mental notes of “I have to have that at my wedding, and I need this at my wedding,” that you tell yourself when you see a cute decoration, or wedding idea, it truly magnifies the stress and anxiety! 

But wait, it gets worse! There are so many details that go along with planning the most important day of your life. You need to choose a venue, book your wedding DJ or band, and find a good catering company. Then, you have to create/edit your guest list, get decor, book your photo booth rental, and oh yeah, the cake! Or will I serve cupcakes?

If I choose a DJ, will they show up, are they even good? Should I have an indoor or outdoor wedding? How much will all this cost me?? See what I mean! In comes the wedding planning stress & anxiety! 🙁

What’s Causing Anxiety & Stress?

As a Clinical Therapist, I can tell you that anxiety stems from trying to maintain control of situations that often cannot be controlled, like the WEATHER! So, if this sounds like you, or if you find yourself hyper-focused on all the infinite details of the wedding, this article is for you. If these details are causing you stress and anxiety, you may want to try some of these easy strategies to alleviate the stress related to planning your wedding. 

Here Are the Steps to Help You Be Less Stressed

  1. Start Planning as Early as You Can
    • This will help you tremendously relieve wedding planning stress! Planning early will allow plenty of time to hash out details, devise backup plans, and most importantly, problem solve! The more time you have to work on a project, and not worry about a fast-approaching deadline, the less stressed you’ll be.
  2. Take Small Breaks
    • This will allow you some mental space to rationally problem solve without transforming into a “bridezilla.” (We’ve also seen wedding planning stress out grooms, who can become “groomzillas,” too).
    • Remember all problems are solvable, and if we can’t solve them, we’re too close to the problem. Take small breaks doing things you actually like, like watching your favorite Netflix show or movie, getting a manicure, or going for a run, can really help you create the space needed to clear your thoughts.
  3. Deep Breathing
    • As a Licensed Clinical Therapist, it’s a no-brainer that I was going to say deep breathing. Take several 5-second deep breaths with 6-second exhales. Deep breathing helps keep you focused on the here and now. We call this grounding, but it’s a great, quick way to shift all the anxiety and stress to brief relaxation.
  4. Accept Help
    • Asking for help can be really hard; however, if someone offers it, accept it. Even if it’s a minor thing like looking up venues in Austin. The less stuff you have to juggle, the more at ease you’ll be. Plus, it’s your special day!
    • Others may want to help in any way they can, so they also feel like they are contributing, as well. Delegate as much as you’re able to. This will definitely alleviate wedding planning stress!
  5. Write a To-Do List
    • A to-do list really identifies all of the tasks that need to be completed in this major project of yours. This list will allow you to have a visual, instead of clogging mental space with this list, while also allowing you the ability to prioritize things. Write it down, type it in a Google doc, start a simple running list on a sticky note.

If you’re planning a wedding, it’s vital to write it all down and definitely get a calendar or planner, to create deadlines for yourself. You can write and track when payments are due, meeting dates, make calls, etc.

By the way, relieve some of that wedding planning stress & anxiety and check out our free wedding day timeline. This allows you to formulate your wedding day timeline from start to finish. Many of our couples have used this and said it was a tremendous help! 🙂

6. Write a Worst Case Scenario List

I also separated this one, because this is important and something you must do! know what you’re thinking, why on earth would I want to do that?! Well, trust me, this is where all of the stress and anxiety is coming from. Writing down a worst-case scenario list will allow you to thoroughly sort out your worries and fears. Some fears may be: what if it rains, what if I forget something, what if things don’t go as planned?

Once you write down this list, rationalize, and ask yourself if these worries are anything you have control over, like the rain! Reminding yourself that you can only control yourself, and nothing else may help alleviate some of this angst. This list will also help keep you in the here and now, and not in the future, where that pesky anxiety lies!

If You Need More Help With Your Stress

Hopefully, you’ll find refuge in some of these simple techniques to help reduce wedding planning stress and anxiety, while planning your big day. Remember, a lot of the wedding planning stress & anxiety can be related to the growing wedding cost. Be sure to check out our money-saving wedding planning tips article, to possibly help with this, too!

If you are looking for a therapist to help with your stress or other issues, you can contact Diana! Please visit her website: “therapist in Austin TX” link, to learn more.

Good luck to you, and happy planning!

– Diana LMSW (Austin’s Best DJs Co-owner/Founder)  🙂

Jason Alexander Rubio

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