The Easiest Way to “DIY” Your Photo Booth Frame

Making your own custom, DIY photo booth frame is not as hard as you may think! If you do a search for “DIY photo booth frame” or “make your own custom photo booth frame,” you’ll get over 1 million results (about 1.3 million, as of this writing)! Today’s weddings, quinceaneras, parties, and events are all about personalization.
No one wants to have the same wedding or event as everyone else. Everyone wants to have their wedding or event with something uniquely their own. Fortunately, we’re here to help you do just that!

DIY bridal shower photobooth frame!

Create your own photo booth frame!
If you’re planning your bridal shower, wedding, quinceanera, graduation party, etc.,  you may be considering a photo booth rental. At the very least, you may consider having a photo booth area for your guests to take pictures at your bridal shower. Everyone loves taking selfies at photo booths! 🙂

DIY Frame Examples

easy photobooth frames

If you’re considering making your own DIY photo booth frame, you can browse Pinterest for thousands of ideas. If you just don’t have the time, aren’t confident in your arts & craft skills, or are too busy to take on a DIY project, you can always order a custom photo booth frame on Etsy, or even on Amazon, now. 

The cost is pretty reasonable, at around $15 – $20 for a great frame that simply requires a few clicks to make! The above two photos are examples of what you can easily order. For those short on time, these are perfect!

Let’s get to the real DIY frame instructions, now. 

DIY Photo Booth Frame/Prop Instructions

diy photo booth frame
                                                                       Make Your Own, DIY Photo Booth Frame

If you’d much rather have more control over how your DIY photo booth frame looks, you can easily DIY your photo booth frame for less than about $50. The DIY photo booth frame, above, was made for a graduation party, with the instructions we’re including. Here’s how to make it! 

Materials Needed (All can be purchased at your local retail store, craft store, or Amazon)

  1. Foam Board $18
  2. Ruler $1
  3. Exacto Blade $6
  4. Foam Letters ~$15
  5. Glue, scissors, construction paper, markers ~$10

1. Foam Board – Be sure to buy a large foam board, from your favorite local craft stores, Walmart, Amazon, or wherever you’d like to buy it from. Hint: If you choose a colored one, such as the black that they chose, above, it saves you time! Choose the size that best suits your needs. A 20″ X 30″ foam board should work well. 

2. Ruler – Next, you’ll need a ruler, to draw on the foam board. You’ll want to draw a rectangle, inside the foam board, which will be your photo frame. Make sure it’s large enough to allow you to write inside the frame. It should be at least 3-4 inches. 

3. Exacto Blade – Next, you’ll need to carefully cut out the rectangle, using an Exacto razor. Take your time, since you want it to be as straight as possible! 

4. Foam Letters- Next, choose the color of letters you want to use to go onto your frame. If your event has certain theme colors, be sure to use similar colors. If it’s a graduation party, you can use the school’s colors. You can find self-adhesive letters, online, or in a local craft store, that makes it a little easier and save you time. 

5. Glue, glitter, scissors, construction paper, markers – Next, you can add anything else onto the frame, such as graduation hat outlines (as pictured above), hearts, or whatever you’d like. Simply use your markers to draw your shapes onto the paper and cut them out.

Once you have them cut out, glue them onto the foam board, For the glue, you can use a hot glue gun, or simply use Elmer’s glue. Be careful with the hot glue gun, as it may melt the foam. Let the glue set and that’s it! Your custom DIY photo booth frame is ready! 🙂

Add a Custom Photo Album

Besides the personalized DIY photo booth frame or props, you can choose from our variety of photo booth backdrop colors. We’ll let you know the available colors and you can choose which one best fits your needs.

Additionally, you can add a custom photo album with your name, date, or other text, on the photo album. We can then help your guests add their pictures into the album, and each guest can write a personal message to you, too! Lastly, you can even add your custom text or logo onto each printout for your guests to take home.

More DIY Photo Booth Savings

To learn more about booking a DJ for your graduation party or any event that needs music or entertainment, visit our Wedding & Event DJs page. We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to celebrate with you! 

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