Driftwood Wedding DJs

We provided a few Driftwood wedding DJs for a few fun weddings! For our first event, Saturday, we provided our wedding DJ and photo booth services for a fun wedding, at the Duchman Family Winery, in Driftwood, Texas!
This was actually our first time at this wedding venue, and it was a great experience! The venue coordinator and the wedding coordinator from Passion Flower Austin did a great job! DNA Events provided great food and catering services!
Jason and Diana, Austin’s Best DJs’ owners, AKA “Driftwood’s Best DJs,” 🙂 personally worked at this event. The couple wanted a rustic, country themed wedding, complete with about 90% Country & Texas Country music. 
We happily gave the couple exactly what they asked for. We provide music for the outdoor ceremony, and the outdoor cocktail hour, in a different area. This venue is very spacious, so we had to be sure to arrive early, to set everything up in different areas! 

Diana kept the guests entertained with selfies, at the photo booth, all night! We brought rustic wedding theme props, complete with cowboy hats & attire! The non-Texas wedding guests loved it! 🙂

Dancing all night! - Austin's Best DJs

Dancing all night! – Austin’s Best DJs

First Dance! - Driftwood Wedding DJs

First Dance! – Driftwood Wedding DJs
Congrats, again, to the newlyweds, Jim & Jess! We were honored to be your Driftwood wedding DJ! 

Weddings at Stonehouse Villa – Driftwood, TX

dj for wedding

Saturday, we provided our Driftwood wedding DJ and photo booth services for a fun wedding at Stonehouse Villa, in Driftwood, Texas. This couple initially was not going to have a DJ,  but they decided at the last minute (literally 1 week before) to have a DJ. Luckily, we still had open DJs for this weekend!

We are usually very hesitant to take last minute weddings, but we wanted to help them out. Last-minute weddings can be tough since we have to get all of the details as soon as possible! We like to have at least 6 weeks before any wedding, to be sure we have plenty of time to plan and give couples exactly what they want! Even though we were not sure, we decided to do it and it turned out great! 

The wedding ceremony was special, with the bride and groom reading their own heartfelt vows to each other, bringing lots of tears in the audience. This couple also had their first communion as a married couple, right after the ceremony, which was unique. 

Reception DJ & Photo Booth

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed great cocktails and appetizers from Trudy’s, which is an Austin favorite! (Also one of our personal favorite places, too). After dinner, everyone had a blast dancing, while our great DJ, Gabe, played their favorite Country wedding songs, ’80s and Top 40 music.

Melissa kept the guest entertained at the photo booth throughout the entire night, as well. Even after the event ended, guests still wanted to take photo booth pictures. 🙂 

Congratulations, again, to our newlyweds, Matt and Lizzie! We’re so glad that everyone had a great time and as always, we enjoyed entertaining everyone!

Another Stonehouse Villa Wedding

stonehouse villa wedding
Stonehouse Villa – Driftwood Wedding DJs

On Sunday, we had a great time providing another Driftwood wedding DJ for a fun wedding ceremony and reception, at Stonehouse Villa, in Driftwood, again! The wedding ceremony minister/officiant, was Scott Payne, from “The Knot Tyer.”

Scott was absolutely great to watch and listen to! We do weddings every weekend, and Scott is definitely different from the norm. He was super energetic and quite funny! He literally had everyone laughing, throughout the ceremony. We’ve never seen a ceremony, quite like this one.

Tying the Knot Ceremony

In the middle of the ceremony, Scott did a special “tying of the knot,” ceremony, which was different. He explained that this where the phrase “tie the knot” came about since wedding ceremonies used to include this, at every wedding. 

After the ceremony, our fun newlyweds took lots of great pictures during the cocktail hour, while we played their favorite Country & Texas Country music. They also had the one and only Beer Burros! The Beer Burros strolled along with beer saddles, while everyone admired them and took millions of photos of them.

These little guys are always a huge crowd favorite at weddings and events all over central Texas. We’ve worked with the beer burros a few times. 🙂

A little later, after dinner, we began the dance. The picture, above, is from the first dance for the new Mr. & Mrs. Smith! After this, Jason & Diana, ABDJs’ owners, personally worked at this event. 

Dancing the Night Away

They played all of their favorite Top 40, Country, Texas Country, and even some classic Country, as well as ’70, ’80s, and ’90s music to keep the guests on the dance floor, throughout the evening! We played some of the songs from our blog, “50 Great Country Wedding Songs” and the guests loved it! 

Overall, everyone had a great time dancing the night away at this fun, Sunday wedding! Congratulations, again, to our couple!

Wedding DJ at Creekside – Driftwood, Texas!

Driftwood Wedding DJ at Creekside

A Fun Wedding at Creekside – Driftwood Wedding DJs! 

Also on Saturday night, we provided another Driftwood wedding DJ for a fun wedding at Creekside. Our DJ, Jaime, did a great job keeping everyone dancing from start to finish! Ironically, this couple also wanted a lot of Country & Texas Country music for the wedding reception.

Luckily, Jaime is one of our DJs who absolutely loves Country and Texas Country music. You can always find Jaime at local Country music concerts when he’s not working. Congrats, again, Taryn & Jeremy!

Overall, it was a great weekend for weddings. We look forward to providing many more Driftwood wedding DJs in the near future! By the way, if you’re looking for great wedding DJs, contact us! 🙂

– Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths

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