25 Fun Wedding Reception Songs 2020

Top 25 Wedding Reception songs 2019/2020

25 Fun Wedding Reception/Dance Songs 2020

Looking for the top fun, wedding reception songs for your 2020 wedding? We’ve got your exclusive list, here! As one of the top DJ and photo booth rental companies in the Austin, San Antonio, and the central Texas area, we provide music and entertainment for weddings, quinceaneras, parties, and events, every weekend, all year long. Around 80% of our events are weddings! So, we know a thing or two about weddings! 🙂

There are many great DJ song lists out there. Simply doing a Google search for “top wedding reception songs 2020” will bring you thousands of results! Over time, we’ve noticed that many of the songs in our list, below, always packed the dance floor at weddings! Of course, every DJ has his/her own preferred “go-to” songs, and the top songs that are played at weddings and events may also vary by region. 

​Our job, as DJs, is to ensure that our clients and their guests have a great time! We know there are literally millions of songs out there. There may be some great songs that we left off the list, but these are the top songs that we frequently play at weddings. This song has a range of different songs, from different genres and decades, so that all your guests can enjoy dancing to music they love!

Here is our list of the top 25 fun wedding reception songs that get people dancing!

Top 25 Wedding Reception Songs

  1. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” – Whitney Houston
  2. “Uptown Funk” – Bruno Mars
  3. “Don’t Stop Believing” – Journey
  4. “Cupid Shuffle” – Cupid
  5.  “Sweet Caroline” – Neil Diamond
  6. “Shut Up and Dance” – Walk the Moon
  7. “Can’t Stop the Feeling” – Justin Timberlake
  8. “September” – Earth, Wind, & Fire
  9. “Yeah” – Usher
  10. “Wobble” – VIC
  11. “Cha Cha Slide” – Mr. C the Slide Man
  12. “Hey Ya” – Outkast
  13. “I Gotta Feeling” – The Black Eyed Peas
  14. “Living on a Prayer” – Bon Jovi
  15. “Dancing Queen” – ABBA
  16. “24K Magic” – Bruno Mars
  17. “Friends in Low Places” – Garth Brooks
  18. “Wannabe” Spice Girls
  19. “You Shook Me All Night Long” AC/DC
  20. “Footloose” – Kenny Loggins
  21. “Everybody” – Backstreet Boys
  22. “Shout” – Isley Brothers
  23. “Love Shack” – The B-52’s
  24. “Brown Eyed Girl” Van Morrison
  25. “Marry You” Bruno Mars

Overall, we play all the music that our clients prefer or ask for, first. If they allow us to take requests, we’ll play those songs, as well, if they fit with the client’s preferences. Some clients may want only Country and Texas Country, while others may want only 90’s, or only Top 40.

We generally recommend that you have a variety of music, since your guests may all have different musical tastes. The above songs are examples of fun wedding reception songs usually pack the dance floor at weddings here in the Austin and central Texas area; however, these songs are great hits and should pack dance floors all over the country! Happy wedding planning!

– Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths

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