Generator for Events With No Available Power - photo: Honda Power Equipment

Best Generator for Events, With No Available Power – photo: Honda Power Equipment

Use a Generator for Events with No Power

If you’re planning a wedding or event, in a large, outdoor space, chances are, adequate power may be an issue. Many times people rent party boats for bachelor or bachelorette parties, 4th of July events, birthdays, weddings, engagement parties, etc. Many of the boats do not have available power, as well. For a party to be a great party, you have to have music, drinks, food, and possibly other entertainment. 

If you’re hiring musicians, or if you want to hire a DJ, rent a fun photo booth, hire a caterer, or other vendors, they’ll all need a power source, especially for appropriate lighting, at night. You have a few options to provide adequate power. If you’re simply going to DIY your music and lighting, you can use a Honda 3000 Watt Generator.

This will provide the adequate power you need for powering fans, lights, a computer, and a small PA system, etc. This should easily provide the adequate power you need, for several hours. If you will power more than a small PA system, a computer, and some LED lighting, you may need to select a generator with more power. Visit the Honda site to see applications for what each generator can power. 

Generator Requirements

The generator does require gas. The gas tank for this generator holds up to 3.4 gallons. You can always bring an extra gallon container of gasoline, just in case. This one tank will provide you with enough power to run the generator at full capacity (about 2800 watts, constantly), for around 7 hours.

If you’re running it at 1/4 capacity, or not using it to power a lot of things, the 3.4 gallons will power the generator for up to 20 hours! Be sure to bring energy-saving devices, such as energy star rated devices.

How Loud is a 3000 Watt Generator?

Many people think of generators as very loud, and annoying. We’ve all seen the generators at festivals or carnivals, and they’re super loud, like lawnmowers. This is not the case with this Honda generator, which is why we recommend it! It’s not very loud, at all, as you can see in the picture above.
We’re actually using this exact generator for our 4th of July event, The Leander Liberty Festival, next week. Check out our article to learn about the Leander Liberty Festival, and all the details.
If you’re in the area, stop by this free event! You can see Texas Country artists, Casey Donahew, and Stoney Larue, and awesome fireworks show, after, all for free! By the way, no, Honda is not paying us to write this, at all. We just love to help our clients and we love great products! 🙂

Rent a Generator for Events

By the way, these generators are not very cheap to buy, at all! They’re about $2000, from most stores. However, you can easily rent one, from your local rental place, or even from Home Depot, for about $60!
Check out the Home Depot generator rentals page, on their website. You’ll simply need a credit card for the deposit, and pay the fee for your preferred generator (they have a few different sizes). Just type in your zip code for your nearest store and we suggest calling them to discuss your event needs. ​

Keeping Food Warm at Your Wedding/Event (DIY)

Best Way to ​Keep Food Warm at Your Wedding/Event (DIY) - photo:

Best Way to ​Keep Food Warm at Your Wedding/Event (DIY) – photo:

For keeping food warm, you can use a few of the Sterno Buffet Kits. This way, you won’t rely on a generator. The kits come with 2 aluminum pans, one aluminum water pan, 2 Sterno gel fuel cans, a reusable, folding chafing wire rack, and 2 serving utensils (large spoon and fork).

This Sterno Buffet Kit is $13.57 from Walmart online. You can buy 2 of these, and easily keep your food warm, if you’re simply bringing food to serve, or having a caterer drop off the food. 

Overall, the DIY options, above, are great, if you’re on a budget, or want to keep expenses down for your event. You can easily rent a generator for events. However, the best, easiest option is to have each vendor be responsible for bringing their own generators.

This way, you don’t have to go get the generator, worry about getting gas, transporting it to the event, or getting it onto the boat, etc. Let your vendors do all the hard work. Your job is to show up and have fun! 

​- Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths

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