Austin Trail of Lights Fun Grand Opening Weekend

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Trail of Lights Grand-Opening! Austin's Best DJs

Trail of Lights Grand-Opening! Austin’s Best DJs

Trail of Lights Holiday Party! - Austin's Best DJs

Trail of Lights Holiday Party! – Austin’s Best DJs

All set up! Austin's Best DJs

All setup! Austin’s Best DJs


Austin Trail of Lights

Saturday, we had the pleasure of providing two DJs for the grand-opening weekend, of the Austin Trail of Lights! There were an estimated 33,000 people who attended the event, that evening! Yes, that is not a typo. This event is always a huge event in Austin, Texas. That is literally like the entire city of Kyle, showing up that weekend. 🙂

We provided two DJs for two events at the Trail, and wow, all of the guests had a blast! The Traveling Photo Booth was also present, and provided two photo booths for the events, as well. Jason and Diana, Austin’s Best DJs’ owners, personally DJed these events.

Everyone had so much fun and literally danced all night to every song we played! This is our goal and exactly how it should be at every event we provide a DJ for! 

This is the end of the night at the Trail, for Jason’s event. No one wanted the night to end, but we had to stop the music. This group was a lot of fun! We can’t wait for the next event, here!

We are definitely very proud to be one of the only DJ companies that provide music and entertainment for the three largest festivals in Austin, Texas. Those festivals are the Austin City Limits Music Festival, SXSW Music Festival, and this event.

These three festivals have an estimated attendance of over 400,000 people per festival! We look forward to providing another DJ, this Friday, for the Austin TOL. Thank you to the event teams for all of your help with this event. It was definitely a pleasure to be here! 

– Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths

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