Hire the Best Wedding Entertainment

Choosing the right wedding DJ or wedding band is definitely one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning. If you’re planning a wedding or event and looking to hire great entertainment, we’re here to help! We’ll break down the basics of what to look for when hiring the best wedding DJ or event entertainment, including wedding bands and DJs.

hire the best wedding entertainment

If you’re looking at wedding reception entertainment packages, keep in mind that wedding bands and DJs are different types of wedding entertainers. In fact, many bands often specialize in different genres of music (such as rock music, the 80s, Pop, Latin, Country, etc). This is very important to keep in mind since you want to be sure that the band you hire, is going to be able to play the music you want. DJs may have a specialization, but they often can play a variety of music, too.

For wedding bands, finding a wedding band in your area that has its own music library is ideal, since this will give you some control over the songs they’ll play. However, if you’re more interested in hiring an event DJ for wedding entertainment, keep reading… Let’s discuss both options.

Start Your Search For Wedding Entertainment Online

If you want to find wedding DJs or wedding bands, you’re going to have to do some research. Be sure to look online, on wedding websites, like Wedding Wire, The Knot, or Zola, and even social media sites, too. Pay attention to the reviews that the band/DJ has. How recent are they? How many do they have? What are their clients saying? The wedding band or wedding DJ you hire should have tons of positive reviews and a ton of wedding gigs under their belt.

Ask your friends and family for personal recommendations, since they’ll have the first-hand experience with that band or DJ and can tell you how good (or bad) they are! Their experience is even better than reviews! We’ve seen wedding couples that get wedding DJ reviews from their wedding guests, who have never been to an event the wedding band or wedding DJ was at. Make sure you’re getting feedback for someone whose wedding you have actually been to!

Wedding DJ Vs Band Pricing

Some DJs and bands will not have their pricing listed, anywhere, so be prepared to send out emails to get their info. In general, wedding bands are going to cost more than DJs. The average price for a wedding band really varies, but I can say a good ballpark range for bands is anywhere between $2500 – $7000.

Bands are also going to play usually just for the reception. So you may still need to hire a DJ for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner. Some bands will contract a DJ and add it all in one package. Be sure to ask about this.

Pricing for DJs will often be less than bands. The average price for a DJ for a 4/5 hour wedding is around $1500. The pricing really can vary, though, depending on your area. A good ballpark range for DJs is $1000 – $5000. The prices can vary since DJs often offer more options, like lighting, ceremony sound, a photo booth, and more.

Check out our wedding DJ prices article for a more in-depth discussion about DJ pricing. We also have a wedding DJ vs band article that really dives into the pros and cons of hiring both.

Choose the Right Entertainment

Regardless of whether you choose a band or DJ, just know that the wedding entertainment you end up hiring will make all the difference in how your wedding reception goes. It can really set the tone and/or put a damper on things if you choose the wrong wedding DJ or event band. If they don’t get your guests out of their seats and moving, then something is definitely missing from your wedding day!

So, be sure to really do your research on the band or DJ that you want to hire. Ask your DJ/band questions about their music library, what options they offer, and even ask for references, if you feel like you need to (especially if they don’t have a ton of reviews).

If you need more information, check out our frequently asked wedding DJ questions page. We’ve got the top most frequently asked questions, and our answers. You can use them, even if you’re not hiring us! You’ll even have our answers, so you have something to compare it to. 🙂 Happy planning!

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