How much are wedding photo booths?

How much are wedding photo booths?

How Much Are Photo Booths For Weddings & Events?

When it comes to photo booth rental costs, the number one question we are asked is “how much are photo booths for weddings?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions we see every week, all year long! We also get similar questions, such as “how much are photo booth rentals for quinceaneras, parties,” etc. Let’s discuss these different events and why the pricing may vary, depending on the company you choose. 

Let’s start with the first question, how much are photo booth rentals for weddings? Everyone has heard that some businesses add a “wedding tax” for weddings. Is this true? The answer isn’t easy, but the truth is, it may be true. Do businesses hear the word “wedding” and sound the price increase alarms? Unfortunately, some businesses do this.

We do not, though. If you call or email us and ask how much are photo booths for weddings?” Our answer will be the same as any other event. 🙂 Our pricing is based on the event needs, the number of guests, location of the event, time, date, time of year, etc. We do not offer one price for every event since every event is different. An event with 50 guests is far different than an event with 5,000 guests. What we’ll need to bring also varies. 

What’s the Difference?

For most companies, this pricing is also the case, but not all. We’ve done our research and have seen that there is a variety of prices that range from as little as $200 for a 3-hour photo booth rental (think Groupon or Craigslist – is Craigslist still around?), and as much as $4,000 for a 4-hour photo booth rental (think of the MirMir Photo Booth rental that the Kardashians use for their events). What’s the difference between the $200 photo booth rental and the $4,000 photo booth rental?

Honestly, the photo booth rental cost can be a big difference, or only a slight difference, depending on the company. You’ll have to do your research to compare the differences between the cheap photo booth company and the very expensive photo booth company. For a great way to compare them, check out our article on how to compare the inexpensive/cheap photo booth rentals to the more expensive companies. You’ll be surprised at how you can possibly save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars! Let’s move to the next type of photo booth rentals and their costs. 

How Much do Photo Booth Rentals Cost For Quinceaneras?

When it comes to quinceaneras (a 15th birthday celebration in Latin cultures), we are the pros in the Austin, San Antonio, and central Texas market. We are hired to provide quinceanera DJs, photo booths, and more, for quinceaneras, every month, all year long! A lot of people also wonder if companies charge more for events such as these since they can be very similar to weddings and are a once-in-a-lifetime event. The answer is, again, yes, it’s possible that people upcharge for their services. As we stated above, we charged based on the event needs, and not the type of event it is.

The price for photo booth rentals for quinceaneras, Sweet 15s, and Sweet 16s, are all similar to the price range above, which is as little as $200, up to $4,000, for 4 hours of services. What’s included can really vary, as well as what you’ll get with each company. Be sure to ask questions to find out exactly what’s included for the price you pay. Click the link, above, to learn about how to compare photo booth companies. 

How Much Are Photo Booths For Parties?

The last popular question we get is the question above. We’ve noticed that when people have parties, the budget is much different than for a wedding, quinceanera, or major event. A party is simply a fun, get-together. There usually isn’t a ton of planning, months in advance. We’ve found that people don’t want to spend a lot for party entertainment since it’s usually not a major, lifetime moment, which is understandable.

DIY Photo Booth

If saving money is a priority for you, you could always try the DIY photo booth route. This way, you will be answering the “how much are photo booths” questions with exactly the right answer for your budget! 🙂 Check out our article Photo Booth Rental Tips to learn how you can easily do your own!

If you don’t have the time or energy to DIY anything, consider having a social media booth. You’ll get the same photo booth set up, but just with direct uploading to social media, and no on-site printing. Some companies will charge less for the social media-only option, but not all companies. We do charge less for our social booth. 🙂 Check out all of our different booths, on our Austin, Texas photo booths page. 

Overall, however, the pricing should be the same as the price range mentioned above. We hope this article has been helpful in answering the popular question, how much are photo booths for weddings? As always, please leave your comments or feedback! 

– Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths 

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