How much is a DJ for a Quinceanera? - Austin's Best DJs & Photo Booths

How much is a DJ for a Quince? – Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths

Just How Much is a DJ for a Quinceanera in 2024?

“How much is a DJ for a Quinceanera? How much do Quinceanera DJs cost per hour? How much does it cost for a DJ, for 6 hours,” and lastly, “Quinceanera DJs near me,” are the most searched questions and terms related to Quinceanera and event DJs in Texas.

Hundreds of teens and their parents or siblings, call us, email us, Facebook us, and text us, and ask these exact questions. Today, we’re going to help answer those questions for everyone. 🙂

The first question, how much is a DJ for a Quinceanera, is actually the number one question we get asked when it comes to Quinceaneras! The answer, however, isn’t a simple one. The cost for a DJ can vary, depending on a few things. Here are the top 5 things that affect the price of a Quinceanera, wedding, or event DJ. 

1. No Set Quinceanera DJ Prices 

First, there are no set DJ prices that a Quince DJ charges for their time or services. Some DJs and DJ companies charge by the hour (we do) and others charge by the event. Usually, the DJs that charge by the event, cost more since they’ll basically take the hourly rate they want to get paid, and multiply it times the average number of hours they’ll work. For most weddings or events (most weddings & events are 5-6 hours).

Prices can vary from as little as $300 for the entire event (usually brand new, inexperienced DJs), up to $6500. Most clients are willing to spend about 8-10% of their total Quinceanera budget, for the DJ and/or entertainment. So do the math and see if the DJ for a Quinceanera, band, or other entertainment you’re hiring is about this much. You’re certainly not limited to the 10% rule, but it’s what we see most often. 

So honestly, you can easily answer the “how much is a DJ for a quinceanera” question, simply by doing the math! 

2. Costs Vary by Region

Another factor that can affect prices is the region or market you’re in. A Quince in a small, rural town, will be much cheaper than a Quince in Manhattan. Businesses know the costs of weddings and events in their market and set their prices accordingly. In bigger markets, like ours in Austin, Texas, price is greatly affected by competition.

The average price for a quince DJ in the Austin area is about $1500 – $2500 (for just a DJ). There are certainly DJs for as cheap as $300, and DJs that cost as much as $6500! The price varies, depending on what is included in the DJ packages. 

By the way, check out our name-your-own D.J. price tool!

3. New DJs Versus Experienced, Professional DJs

This is where you will truly see a difference in pricing. A new DJ, who is just starting out, operates under the “I just want to get my name out there” business model. If budget is your number one concern, you’ll want to book a newer DJ, to save big! The only issue with doing this is that the DJ has much less experience, and therefore, your experience may be different. 

Most new DJs won’t have all the equipment they’ll need for their events since they’re just starting out. Sure, they can always rent some equipment, but renting equipment isn’t always a guaranteed good experience. We’ve actually rented equipment that did not work well, unfortunately. This is one drawback. 

Another drawback is a lack of experience. Experience and failure are truly the best teachers. Experience truly matters when unexpected situations arise. You don’t want that DJ to learn what to do next time, at YOUR event. 

You always have to expect the unexpected and be prepared for it. Things that have happened to us are: the timeline is completely off track, people are not arriving on time, a song isn’t playing, the band or mariachis didn’t show up, etc.

Other things that have happened are: the bride’s dress is accidentally torn, a bride/groom is stung by a bee, unexpected torrential rain happens, power outages, a member of the court got into an accident, a medical emergency happens, a tornado warning is sent to everyone on their phones, etc.

When all these things happened, we were prepared and able to change things, as needed, and go with the flow. Most guests never knew a thing in most cases! You won’t get this with newer DJs. ​Quinceaneras and weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event, so paying for peace of mind and being stress-free on your big day, is truly priceless!

4. Other Factors That Affect Pricing

Number of Hours – For us, the average weddings and Quinceaneras are 5-6 hours long; however, a 6-hour event means a 9-hour day, not including drive time (2-hour set up, 1-hour breakdown). Some companies and DJs charge set up and breakdown fees, which we find strange since they absolutely have to set up and breakdown, in order to perform the job.

Surprisingly, DJs will charge this fee and force clients to pay it. We include set up and breakdown at no charge. Be sure to ask about this, when hiring your DJ for a Quinceanera.

Location – The location of your event may also affect the price. Some quince DJs will travel within a certain number of miles at no charge. Others will include a travel fee, regardless of where the event is.

For us, we service the great Austin metro area and do not include a travel charge. For events that are outside this area, we do add a travel charge, which varies, depending on the distance we must travel.

Indoors/Outdoors – Additionally, if your event is indoors only, or indoors and outdoors, this will also affect pricing. Weather can take a toll on your guests and vendors. Not only the vendors but our equipment, too! We’ve done weddings, quinceaneras, and events in 20-degree weather, in areas with little heating (think barn-type places).

We’ve also done all outdoor events in August, with 105-degree temperatures. These extreme temperatures can truly affect the equipment’s performance, so be aware that this may affect pricing, too.

Season – Along with the weather, of course, is the season. You’ll find that winter events are usually cheaper than other seasons, since not as many people have weddings and events in winter. Even mid-summer events can sometimes be cheaper to have, depending on where you’re located. Here in central Texas, we’re less busy in late July and August, due to the extreme heat!

5. Optional Entertainment Upgrades Increase Overall Price

Last, but certainly not least, is the optional upgrades. Always ask your DJ what’s included with the price. If you need music in different rooms or even indoors and outdoors, the DJ may need a separate sound system and a microphone for announcements This is not included in a regular DJ setup.

If you have live musicians and need extra microphones, that will be an additional charge. Need your DJ to set up super early? That may be an additional charge, as well. 

If you want to add more entertainment options, such as a Quinceanera photographer, photo booth, Karaoke, lawn games, or other forms of entertainment, this will cost more. More entertainment options are always great since not everyone likes to dance, or is able to dance. Additionally, lighting is another factor to consider. Dance floor lighting may or may not be included in the DJ’s package.

Uplighting is another great option to add since it can truly transform the venue’s look and bring your theme colors together. A custom monogram (a light showing your name or initials, and usually the date) is always a nice touch to add, too! Talk to your Quinceanera DJ to see what optional upgrades they offer. Adding these options is a great way to make your event unique and personal.

What Does Your DJ Company Offer?

When choosing a great DJ for a Quinceanera, be sure to consider whether the DJ offers any or all of the above options. If the DJ does, this will certainly affect your overall price. However, the positive side of this is that you’ll have one vendor to deal with, versus hiring separate vendors for all of your needs. 

Overall, these are the main factors that affect how much a DJ for a Quinceanera will charge. This article reflects the current pricing for 2024 Quinceaneras (and early 2025), weddings, and events. There may be variances in different regions, but overall, this is a good guide.

As always, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!

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