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Austin Memorial Day Weekend Floods

Memorial Day weekend floods austin
The recent Memorial Day weekend floods were a tragic time for many central Texans. Austin’s Best DJs’ co-owner, Diana, happened to be DJing a wedding, in Dripping Springs, when the massive storm hit the Hays County and Dripping Springs area! The event was planned to be an outdoor ceremony and reception, at Bell Springs Winery
By 3 pm, the rain was getting very heavy. The wedding ceremony was able to be held outdoors, but shortly after the ceremony, during the Cocktail Hour, the rain was relentless! All the guests and vendors got soaking wet, including our DJ, despite being in a covered area. Diana was forced to move all the equipment and set up in a new location, that was still outside, but more covered. 

Tornado Warnings

Despite the new location, the massive Memorial Day storm kept dumping rain on the Dripping Springs area, and would not let up! By 7:30 PM, tornado warnings were being announced for the Dripping Springs area! The massive amount of rain, thunder, and lightning was the worst storm many of the guests and vendors had ever seen! The wedding vendors and Diana finally relocated indoors.

This was the third time Diana had to move and set up the equipment. After moving all the equipment in the torrential rain, several times, Diana was able to set up all the equipment, indoors. By this time, Jason, Austin’s Best DJs’ co-owner and founder, was on the way to help Diana, but the storm would not let up.
By 8:30 PM, Highway 290 into Dripping Springs was blocked off by the emergency crews, due to flooding roadways, so Jason was unable to meet Diana, to help her! 🙁

Power Outages

Finally, Diana set up all the equipment and was able to play about 15 minutes of music before the electricity went out! The venue owner provided candles for lighting, since the power and water, were both off. Diana used her laptop, which had a full battery, to play some music, though only the laptop speakers were able to be heard.
The guests remained indoors, by candle-lights, listening to some music. Despite the numerous obstacles, Diana managed to play the remaining time on her contract, until 10 pm, as we agreed to do! Though the circumstances were completely different and beyond our control.

By 10:15 PM, guests were unable to leave the venue, due to both exits being closed from the flooding! All the guests returned inside, while the vendors, and Diana, remained in their cars, trying to wait out the storm. With less than 10% left on her phone battery, Diana called the local police to ask about the road conditions and was informed that no one knew when the roads would open.
Diana and many other guests, and vendors remained in their cars, trying to rest, some sleeping in their cars, waiting on the storm to pass. Finally, by 1:30 AM, the venue owner informed everyone that the roads were now “passable” and Diana was able to leave the area, to return home!

Wow, what an unforgettable, eventful night and Memorial Day weekend! Thank you, Diana, and kudos for a job well done & giving 100% during the Memorial Day weekend floods! 
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Jason Alexander Rubio

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