Micro Wedding Packages in Austin

Our micro wedding packages are basically the same packages that we offer for “traditional weddings” in Austin, but simply on a smaller scale. Usually, most weddings typically have 100 or more guests. Micro weddings, however, normally have fewer than 50 guests, including the couple and their wedding party.

Most of these “mini” weddings will often have just 15 to 25 guests in attendance. The guests are normally the immediate family of the couple, as well as their closest friends.

micro wedding packages austin
Micro wedding packages Austin, TX

Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths offers micro wedding packages in Austin/central Texas (and anywhere else) to easily host your micro ceremony and reception. Our DJ packages include wedding DJ services for your intimate wedding ceremony and reception with 50 people (or fewer).

We do require a minimum of 3 hours for a ceremony and reception DJ package. For our other services, such as photo booth rentals, lawn and giant game rentals, and giant/large marquee letter rentals, we have a 2-hour minimum, which is likely all you’ll need for 50 or fewer guests.

Package Options for Micro Weddings

Just because your guest list for your micro wedding is small, doesn’t mean that your wedding will not be amazing! We’ll work with you to bring your wedding-day vision to life. Our Austin micro wedding packages give you more freedom to add the extra special things to your wedding day that you may not have added if you were hosting a wedding with 250 guests!

Similar to traditional, larger weddings, micro weddings can still include:

  • your wedding ceremony
  • cocktail hour (this can be 30-45 minutes long)
  • dinner (about an hour for 50 guests)
  • cake-cutting
  • dancing & more

Limiting your guest list to only your close family and friends is certainly a benefit! There’s no need to invite your co-workers or your friends/family who you haven’t actually spoken to in years! Your wedding will be filled with people who truly love and care for you and your significant other. That’s exactly how it should be. 🙂

Budget-friendly 100% Customized Wedding Packages

With fewer guests to accommodate, the overall price tag for your wedding drops significantly. This means there’s more room to customize your wedding day.

Want to splurge on the best wedding photographer or videographer in Austin? You can. Would you love to have live musicians perform for your ceremony music and cocktail hour? Having a micro wedding will allow you to do that!

Wedding Dinner Choices for Mini Weddings

wedding rehearsal dinner

  • Custom Catered Meals – If you want an amazing, custom-catered meal, you have a wider range of meal options for you and your guests.
  • Splurge on Food – You can also splurge on your favorite food since there are fewer people to feed.
  • Order Your Favorite Food – You can also choose to order from your favorite restaurant that doesn’t offer catering for large groups. You can even just pay someone on Favor to deliver it at a certain time.
  • Make Dinner Reservations – Save even more money by simply dining at your favorite restaurant after your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and wedding pictures! Just make sure to make reservations and be aware that there may be a minimum amount to spend.

For smaller weddings with 25 or fewer guests, all of the above would be very affordable options!

Other Affordable Micro Wedding Optionsmoney-saving-tips

  • Floral Arrangements – If you really want extravagant floral arrangements, like the ones you see on Pinterest, you can get them! Ordering these arrangements and centerpieces is much more affordable when you only need to order fewer than ten!
  • Cocktail hour – For the cocktail hour (and dinner), you can have top-shelf cocktails, wine, and beer, since your guest count is much smaller!
  • Wedding Favors – Wanna order fancy wedding favors for your guests, too? You can do all of this and still save money by having a micro wedding!

Micro Wedding Packages Near Me

If you’re looking for “micro wedding packages near me,” or just wedding packages near me,” we’ve got you covered! We mainly provide our wedding entertainment services in the Austin and central Texas area, but we certainly are willing to travel. We can travel anywhere in Texas, in the US, or even anywhere in the world.

So whether you’re having a micro wedding in Colorado, Chicago, NJ, or Austin, we’ll be there! We may not exactly have wedding packages near you, but we certainly will travel wherever you need us to, and be there for your wedding day. Have the best wedding DJs in Austin, come to wherever you are in the world!


Overall, as you can see, having a smaller, intimate wedding can make a lot of sense. Book our micro wedding packages and you can have the wedding you’ve always wanted, for an affordable price!

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As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about our micro wedding packages. We’ll be happy to help you. We’re always happy to hear from our readers, too! If you loved this article, please show us some love and share it!

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