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A Great Interview with MP Choreography

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MP Choreography is a business that is owned and operated by Mary Prieto. Though she’s based in Kyle, Texas, MP Choreography can be found working with quinceaneras all over central Texas!

We had the pleasure of working with Mary and the MP Choreography team last summer, for a fun quince in New Braunfels, TX. Let’s get to our interview.

About Mary Prieto, Founder & Owner

  • Tell us about yourself and MP Choreography. How did you get started doing choreography? 
  • Hello! My name is Mary Prieto. I am 27 years old from Kyle, Texas. I have been choreographing quinceaneras and similar events since November of 2014 when I was asked to help choreograph my younger cousins quinceanera. 
    • From there, I was referred to other family members, friends, and kids from prior quinces. My name was passed around for a few years before I decided to put a name on my little side business. In just the last year alone MP Choreography has grown tremendously.

Quinceanera Choreography Services

  • What type of services does MP Choreography offer?
    • As of this year, I have choreographed full-court waltz dances, as well as, surprise dances that consist of different varieties of music from cumbia to country and everything in between. Some of my groups that I have worked with are as large as 17 couples. I have also done a few father/daughter and mother/daughter dances and have taught a handful of individual dance lessons. 
    • I also have two groups that offer chambelan and dama rentals (Los and Las Reinas Platinum). These select individuals are available for court rentals as well as surprise dances for the quinceanera/sweet 16.
  • How long does it usually take to work with your clients and get them ready for their quinceaneras? 
    • With each client, my package comes with 10 practices that are held once a week. The 10 weeks leading up to the date of the event equals to about two and a half months worth of practice. I also offer additional practices, for an additional cost, when requested by clients. Depending on my current schedules, I may or may not be able to accommodate them. If I can not schedule another practice then I may extend a practice or two.  
  • What do you like best about doing what you do? 
    • The best part of my job is all the people I meet along the way. The kids and the parents mostly. My all-time favorite thing, since the beginning, is the relationships I build with my clients that extend way past the day of their quinces. I’ve watched many of my girl’s confirmations at church, different sports events, graduation ceremonies, and even a few now, that have kids of their own. Some still share these milestones and memories with me throughout the years and it’s the most warming feeling.

Mary’s Favorite Moments

  • Can you tell us about some of your favorite moments or events that MP Choreography has done?
    • When it comes to events, each one I’ve done has its own unique place in my heart, but all of my favorite moments coincidentally happen on my last day with my clients and their courts.
    • First, I absolutely LOVE seeing my quince girls in their dress for the first time. I can literally see the joy in her eyes, as all of her friends and family fawn over her, telling them how beautiful she is. Second, I love the final moments I have with some of my court groups right before they perform.
    • They’re all so nervous (even if some don’t like to admit it), excited, and ready for something they’ve all worked so hard for. Some pray, some hype each other up, and occasionally, I get to deliver a very weepy speech about how proud I am of them and to TRY and ease their nerves.
    • Last, my number one favorite thing, I love seeing their faces at the end of their FINAL performance and the reaction of the crowd watching. Although it’s one of our last moments together, the looks of relief and happiness on their faces is the most rewarding feeling.

Advice For Aspiring Quince Choreographers

  • What advice would you give others who want to be the next MP Choreography, someday?
    • My first piece of advice would have to be to have patience. When I first started, I had just turned 21, and 15 wasn’t too far off. As I’ve gotten older, now 27, my patience range has drastically changed.
    • Every kid/client is not always going to be the most pleasant. Some will show in their face, or it’ll stand out in their tone of voice and you must remain pleasant and professional even in these instances. Which brings me to my next point of advice, BALANCE.
    • In the beginning, some of these groups don’t know anything about you. They are brand new to you and you are brand new to them. At every first practice I introduce myself to the entire court. I go over my rules and express what I expect of them during my practices. Once I’ve listed my rules, I then go on to explain that I am not strict until I need to be.
    • I want my kids to have fun at practice and enjoy coming back every week but at the same time, I let them know I have a job to do and they need to stay focused and on track. Balance a relationship with your clients and their courts. Trust and respect go a very long way on both ends. And, most importantly, if you’re going to be in this, be ALL in.
    • This job takes up a good majority of my life. Even when I’m not at practices, I’m preparing a dance, editing a video for youtube, meeting with other clients, and then back to practice. Sometimes I have multiple practices a day starting from early morning to the late evening, continuing through the weekdays as well.
    • You must treat each event as if it’s the only one you have going on. She may be “one of many” clients but this day is one of the biggest of her and her family’s life and you must treat it as such, for every single one. This job is very time consuming, but it’s SO rewarding and is truthfully one of the best parts of my life.

What’s Happening with MP Choreography

  • So what’s happening with MP Choreography during the current pandemic? Are you meeting with clients virtually? Virtual practice? 
    • At this moment in time, I am not holding any practices. The majority of my events have been pushed back, so we have not begun practice. With the slow re-opening of the state, I am hoping they start allowing larger groups to be able to gather.
    • For those select few that are wishing to start practice, I am offering video tutorial videos and practice via facetime or skype. Once it is safer for groups to be together, I will start having practices again. I’d rather be safe than sorry when it comes to my health, the health of my clients, their courts, and their family members. 

Contact Mary Prieto

  • How can clients get a hold of MP Choreography to book your services? 
    • All contact info listed below! Check out Mary’s Instagram, she’s killing it on social media & has definitely earned the Kyle Quinceanera Queen title! 
    • Please visit my YouTube channel to see more of my work.

 Search “Mary Prieto” or “MP Choreography.”

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PHONE: (512) 393-4610 / EMAIL: [email protected]

INSTAGRAM: @mpchoreography_ /  SNAPCHAT: @maryelizabeth01


FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @losreyesplatinum


FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @lasreinasplatinum 

Thank you so much, Mary, for all the awesome information. We wish you continued success. We do follow MP Choreography on Instagram and always love seeing all of your great photos and videos! 

By the way, if you need also need a DJ, photo booth, or any of our services, please visit our Austin/central TX quinceanera & sweet 15/16 DJ page, for more info. Contact us, today, for more info. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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