How Much do New Year’s Eve DJs & Photo Booths cost?

NYE DJ photo booth cost

New Year’s Eve DJ & Photo Booth Cost

How much do New Year’s Eve DJs cost? This is a very commonly searched term right around early December, and Christmas time! Yes, many NYE DJs are hired at the last minute. We get it. New Year’s Eve is a big deal, every year, everywhere!

If you’re planning to book a DJ, rent a photo booth, or book a band, then it’s time to book as soon as possible! Why? Because there are a limited number of DJ and photo booth companies and for certain holidays, such as Halloween and New Year’s Eve, many more people and businesses will choose to have a special event to celebrate.

New Year’s Eve DJs Cost More

When we say many more, but we actually mean far more than the usual number of events happening around the Austin/central Texas area. Numerous DJs, bands, musicians, photo booths, and entertainers get booked for bars, clubs, and restaurants all over Austin, central Texas, and of course all over the entire country! 

This creates a limited supply, but a much higher than-usual demand. Not to give you an economics lesson, but you likely already know that supply and demand drive the prices for services.

So to answer the title question, “how much do New Year’s Eve DJs cost” is not an easy question to answer. The answer is, it depends on who you ask. Some companies will truly take advantage of this and charge far higher rates than usual. Some companies will literally charge double their normal rates, simply because they know they can. 🙁

Overall, the average price for a reputable NYE DJ for 4 hours is around $1600 (some will be more, some will be less).

What Our NYE DJs Cost

We choose not to do this. We run our business with integrity and choose to not take advantage of these situations. Be aware, though, we are one of the very few companies that don’t do this. Don’t believe me? inquire with any DJ, band, or photo booth company, and ask about booking any other Saturday, (NYE is on a Saturday, this year) or even a Friday or Sunday night.

Find out their rates, and then inquire about booking that SAME company, after you have their first quote, of course, for a New Year’s Eve event. You’ll see the obvious price difference. 

We charge our regular rates and may add a little more, but only because we pay higher than normal pay rates to our DJ and photo booth staff to work holidays. We get it, it’s a holiday and most people don’t like to work on holidays. So we offer a holiday rate and bonus for our staff.

We want to be fair and keep our staff happy. Happy staff = happy clients, and happy staff + happy clients = happy business owners, so everyone wins! This is similar to what many companies offer their employees for working on a holiday. No one likes working for companies that don’t offer holidays off or at least holiday pay. At least we don’t, anyway. 

The hard part for us is that because so many people love to celebrate NYE, we often have a really hard time finding the staff to work these events. This creates an even more limited supply and demand. 🙁 We’ll usually book 1-2 events and that’s all we can book. Not because we want to limit the supply, but because we just don’t have the staff who are available to work. 

We know everyone loves to celebrate NYE! There’s something magical about ringing in the new year with all of your close friends and family. Some people will go out and celebrate it at their favorite place, others may have a party with their close friends and family, and others may simply sleep through it all. haha 🙂

Book a New Year’s Eve DJ ASAP

Regardless of what you choose to do to celebrate the new year, if you choose to have an event or party, you need to book your New Year’s Eve DJs, book a NYE band, or rent a photo booth for your event as soon as possible! We literally mean, BEFORE Thanksgiving, to ensure you get the best DJs, bands, or photo booth rentals for your event. (It’s now early December, so your should book your entertainment ASAP). 

Don’t get stuck paying high rates for terrible service! 🙁 Read our article that discusses why to book your holiday party DJs/photo booths ASAP

We hope this has been helpful in providing an inside look at how much New Year’s Eve DJs cost (and photo booth cost). Now it’s time to book your entertainment for your New Year’s Eve event! Now, you know a little more about why the rates are what they are. As always, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help! 

​- Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths

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