A wedding is a vital milestone for the couple, which is why many will be looking forward to celebrating this milestone with them. Besides the usual personal pictures and professional photo studio albums, why not take your event a step further by including a photo booth setup for your wedding?

Photo Booth Setup Guide

photo booth setup
Photo Booth Setup Tips

A photo booth is a welcome addition to any occasion, whether it’s a small birthday celebration or a grand reunion. The accessibility of having a physical printed copy of the photos as a souvenir makes for a great experience and keepsake after the event.

If you’re looking for the right way to set up a photo booth for your wedding, here are five steps to keep in mind:

1. Personalize your photo layouts

Rented photo booths come in different dimensions in terms of the printed pictures and the capacity of people allowed per shot. Some rental services offer three to four curated photos in one photo, while others can only print one, and others offer digital uploads only. We offer all three photo booth setups! 

Some photo booth services also allow wedding planners to customize their layouts to find a package that fits their preferences. This includes the number of photos allowed per shot, the frame, and the material of the pictures. You should keep this in mind when comparing prices between services so that you can see if their rental cost and photo booth setups match your needs.

2. Figure out the Right Photo Booth Setup

When deciding on the space that you should set aside for your photo booth, you need to make sure that you can accommodate enough space for your guests and the booth technicians. Try to rent a backdrop or a green screen that can fit something close to three to five people so that you can have more people in one shot. By doing this, the lines to your photo booth will be shorter while allowing more of your guests to make lasting memories.

3. Consider the Placement of Your Photo Booth

Your photo booth’s placement needs to be noticeable but not too distracting at the same time from the main stage where the bride, groom, and hosts will be throughout the night. Ideally, it should not be near the bar or close to the entrance of the reception since there may be too many people in line, or people possibly blocking an entrance or exit. 

If you choose to have the photo booth setup in a different room, be sure to have signs or have your DJ or MC mention the photo booth and its location, a few times.

4. Promote Your Photo Booth at the Right Times

If you want your guests to start taking their pictures, you need to spread the word that you have a photo booth (if it’s not easily seen). Ask your emcee or DJ to periodically remind guests that they can take a photo at your photo booth during moments in your event that have long wait times. This is usually done during the announcement of table assignments to grab their food at the buffet. Doing so gives guests something to do while waiting for their tables to be called.

5. Set up a Photo Booth Flashback to Cap off the Event

Besides planning your presentation to close the night and prepare for the afterparty, you can coordinate your photography and videography team with the photo booth technicians to create a curated slideshow of all the pictures that were taken on the event. It won’t be anything as close or fancy to your same-day edit montages, but it’s a welcome addition to commemorate the event.


Traditional weddings have come a long way from being overly formal events into more modern and casual gatherings. Although the occasion is still an essential milestone for the bride and groom, it has also developed modern means of catering to the guests through additions, such as mobile bars, different performance acts, and the tried and tested photo booths.

In planning for your wedding, you need to ensure that you’re servicing your guests at the same time. This is why photo booths are an excellent addition to your memorable event. If you’re looking for a photo booth rental in Austin, TX, get in touch with us today to learn more about our photo booth setups and how we can help!