What do the Average Prom DJs Cost?

How much do prom DJs cost? Austin's Best DJs & Photo Booths

How Much Prom DJs Cost

How Much do Prom DJs Cost?

How much do prom DJs cost? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by prom planning committees, teachers, and administrators who are trying to plan their prom. If you’re looking to book a DJ or photo booth rental for your prom, school dance, school event, or fundraiser, then chances are, you’re probably confused about DJ prices, and why they vary so much. It’s a great question that is surprisingly not easy to answer. Below are some major things that affect DJ pricing for school events, and really, any wedding/event. 

  • The number of DJs/DJ & Photo Booth Companies
    •  The first thing that influences how much prom DJs cost, is the number of DJs & Photo Booth companies in your area. In the Austin, Texas area, there are over 150 DJ companies, and about 40 photo booth companies! Double that in central Texas, and when you include DJs who are solo and don’t work with a DJ company, there are hundreds of more DJs! This means that the pricing really varies, but it’s great for the customer since this creates a buyer’s market! 
  • Professional DJ vs. the Hobbyist
    • There are numerous DJs, just about everywhere. Due to this, it can be hard to tell the difference between DJs and even DJ companies. They tend to say the same thing, and this can be confusing. What happens is that competitors do their research and either find out their biggest competitor’s price and either match it or prices their services lower. Again, this is great for you, as the client.
    • However, be careful who you decide to book. Booking the lowest priced DJ or photo booth company can be dangerous! If a DJ is willing to provide their services for a really low price, you have to wonder what they’re cutting corners on, and why they don’t value their own work. Find out if they offer contracts, to protect you from them taking your money and running! It happens often, unfortunately. 
  • Reviews
    • We live in a modern time where word-of-mouth isn’t what it used to be. Look for online, social proof about the DJ or photo booth company you’re choosing. How recent are their reviews? Do they even have reviews? How many?
    • It’s almost impossible to please every single customer, every time, so if you see a less than a 5-star review, how long ago was it? Have they received many more good reviews since then? Reviews are very important, so do your research! 
  • What is the price you should pay?
    • This is not easy to answer, but first and foremost, remember YOU are in control of how much your prom DJ costs. If you have a budget, feel free to mention that to the DJ or photo booth company in your initial conversations. This will easily help you narrow down who your best candidates are.
    • If you’re upfront about this, you’ll get some companies who will be honest and tell you that they’re either able to provide their services, or not. This makes it easy for you! 🙂

What Do We Charge for Prom DJ/Photo Booth Services?

What do our prom DJs cost? Our prices vary, depending on the event location, date, time, number of hours, size of the venue, number of guests attending, and your overall needs. The best part, however, is that we do offer a discounted rate on our DJ and photo booth services for all schools and non-profit events!

Why? Because ABDJs’ owners are in the education and social work field! Jason is a Master Teacher (M.Ed, MPAff) and Diana has a Masters of Social Work (LCSW). Therefore, their hearts are in these fields and they do their best to help the local Austin and central Texas community! They work, really hard, maintaining a work schedule and running Austin’s Best DJs! They are definitely over-achievers! haha 🙂

If you want to easily go to a site that specializes in school dance DJs, visit the school dance DJ network. It’s a great resource with a directory or DJs around the US. Tell Rick, Austin’s Best DJs sent you! Feel free to visit our prom/school event DJs page, or contact Jason or Diana, today, to discuss your prom or school event details! 


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Jason Alexander Rubio

Jason has a Master's of Education (MEd), and a Master's of Public Affairs (MPAff). and has been in the DJ field for over 2 decades as a DJ, nightclub owner, radio show DJ/host, bar/club DJ, concert & festival organizer/promoter, and is the co-founder and owner of Austin's Best DJs & Photo Booths, Radio DJ Drops, Rent Letters Now, and Quince Expos. Jason is also a certified wedding/event planner and has written articles/been featured in The NY Times, Brides, Style Me Pretty, Bustle, Disc Jockey News, DJ Times, DJNTV, The DJ Insider, Mobile Beat, My Wedding Songs, Fox Business News, NBC, ABC, Telemundo, and Wedding Planner Magazine.Jason also published his book "Succeeding in the Wedding Business," in January of 2023. He currently writes all of the wedding/event planning tips and blogs to help everyone plan their event, successfully!

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