In Latino and Hispanic communities, a quinceañera is an important milestone for a young girl turning 15. This event marks the celebrant’s passage from being a girl to being a woman. 

Everything about this momentous occasion has to be perfect—decor, food, theme, the quinceañera dress, music, and more. Unfortunately, while planning, some families forget to consider another important element: the Quinceañera colors. If you are organizing a quinceañera, take note of these color mistakes to avoid at all costs.

quinceanera colors
Quinceanera colors & color themes

Keep Quinceañera Colors to 4 Colors

You don’t want your reception to look like a wacky circus. Instead, choose two to four colors that look pleasing together. Either go for neutral shades with a pop of color or different shades of the same color for that perfect harmony. 

If you instead go for a much simpler color scheme, stick with two colors. Use a dominant color and add two to three neutral shades to the mix. You don’t always need to wear or decorate with pink (often the traditional Quince color). Try something different, and people will surely appreciate it.

Use Textures That Work With the Venue

Patterns will make your décor stand out. Consider using a striped, textured, or sequin table runner when using a bold color to compliment your centerpieces. It’s also essential to study the decor and color palette of the event’s venue. Think of patterns the way you would consider them for a dress for a quinceañera; a little goes a long way.

You must make sure that your color scheme is aligned and fits well with the colors of the venue. For example, if the hall is red, having a mint green or neon pink scheme will clash. Use the physical appearance of the site to help you pick the right Quinceañera colors

Consider Holidays & Seasons

Just because your birthday is near Christmas doesn’t mean you have to choose a holiday color palette. If you have a different color scheme in mind but think it’s out of season, just trust your instincts and make the best adjustments possible. 

You can always customize the colors to fit the season. For example, you may opt for blush over a summery color like hot pink for a spring vibe. Furthermore, avoid predictable color palettes that will bring a different meaning to your celebration. You don’t want your attendees to feel like they are celebrating the Fourth of July if you choose a red-white-blue scheme.

Quinceañera Flower Considerations

Aside from the venue, you don’t have to force your flowers to match with your theme. It might be difficult to find flowers with the exact colors of your chosen scheme because they might be unavailable or more expensive. 

For example, if you want to use blue flowers, like hydrangeas, be prepared to spend a little more because they are uncommon and usually out-of-season. Instead, go with flowers that have a neutral or complementing color and use a blue vase. This will not only look great but will also save you some money!

Remember Your Quince Court

Make sure to choose the most appealing color of your theme for your damas’ dresses. Bright colors, such as yellow and orange, look nice for the venue, but they may not necessarily be the most pleasing color for the dresses. 

Instead, use accessories if you want to incorporate that particular color. If you’re still unsure, go with neutral colors.

Give Vendors Your Quinceañera Colors

Lastly, remember to remind your vendors about the Quinceañera colors. Give them reference photos of the scheme so that they can prepare accordingly and avoid last-minute disasters. It is risky just to describe a color to a baker and hope that they understand what you meant. 

They might get the shades wrong, and it runs the risk of ruining the complete look of your dessert table. Remember, quinceañeras are once-in-a-lifetime events, so you have to make sure everything looks lovely, even the colors. 

sweet 16 pink uplighting

Be sure to tell your Quince DJ about your Quinceañera colors, as well. He/she may be able to add custom lighting & uplighting, dance floor lighting, or other decor items that will work perfectly for your quince! The above photo was from a Sweet 16 we did, recently.

Imagine how your quinceañera father-daughter dance would look even more beautiful with the best colors and ambiance for your photos!

Quinceañera Color Themes Overall

Hopefully, these tips will help you make the most out of your chosen Quinceañera colors and help you have a party to remember. Your quinceañera will only happen once, so plan for it the best you can, and enjoy the lifelong memories that you’ll create.

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