Best Austin Quinceanera DJs at St. Vincent de Paul

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best Quinceanera DJs and uplighting Austin




Quinceanera pink uplighting




Best Quinceanera DJs, Ever! 

Saturday evening, we had a blast providing our DJ & uplighting rental services for a fun Quinceanera, at St. Vincent de Paul Church, in Austin, Texas. We helped Chiara (key-air-uh) and her friends and family celebrate her Quinceanera (15th birthday)! Chiara wore a nice Burgundy dress, while the court wore pink.

The pink and burgundy colors made for a great theme for the decor. We added pink uplighting, near the cake area, as well as near our area, to bring the room together. Chiara and several of her friends & family thanked us at the end of the night and said “y’all are the best Quinceanera DJs we’ve ever heard!” 🙂

Quinceanera Mariachis

Mariachi Relampago joined us and played great Mariachi hits, as well as a few other songs, for dinner. I loved their Spanish version of “My Way,” from Elvis! They also played “Un Puno de Tierra, from Ramon Ayala, which was great! These Mariachis really knew how to entertain. They had choreographed some dances and moves while playing their instruments! This is definitely different from the norm. 

​Jason & Diana, Austin’s Best DJs’ owners, personally worked this event and provided top-notch Quinceanera DJ services. Everyone had a great time, dancing to a variety of Pop, Top 40, the ’80s, Latin, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Tejano, and more.

The hora loca (crazy hour) was a lot of fun! The traditional hora loca is basically a party within the party! Some clients will hire more entertainers, add props, glow sticks, noisemakers, etc.

For this hora loca, we brought props and glow sticks, and we played a lot of their requested, upbeat Latin and cumbia music. The guests danced every song before, during, and after the hora loca! We’re so glad that everyone had fun! Happy birthday, again, Chiara. Thanks for choosing us to be your quinceanera DJ service! 

Book Today! 

As Austin’s number one Quinceanera DJ and photo booth service, we’re always honored to be a part of so many quinces, Sweet 15s, and Sweet 16s in the Austin & central Texas area.

Our dates get booked quickly, so be sure to contact us as soon as possible, to hire the best quinceanera DJs in central Texas, today! For great Quinceanera ideas, read our New 2019/2020 Quinceanera Trends article!

– Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths 


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