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Have an “Unplugged” Wedding or Event! 

Are you considering having an unplugged wedding? You’re not alone! More and more, we’re seeing couples do exactly this to be “in the moment” and truly enjoy their wedding day with their guests!

If you’re planning a wedding, quinceanera or event, chances are, you have already created a Facebook invite. You likely already have an Instagram hashtag, and perhaps a wedding website. Though we’re in the Austin & central Texas area, we know that this is the case for most weddings and events, worldwide! 

Cell phones have become such a major a part of our lives that most people simply cannot attend an event, or even go through a regular day without their phones.Many people cannot go a day or two, without texting, or using social media to post about their daily life or activities. It’s the norm and it’s just what we’ve become used to. (We’re guilty too). 🙂

Believe it or not, there was a time before cell phones! Yes, people actually attended weddings or events and did not take pictures with their phones! 🙂 Many guests simply brought their own camera, or the old disposable cameras. There were no retakes, filters, hashtags, etc. People did not text people who were not there, did not post on social media, and actually talked to the people at the event. 

I know it’s hard to believe. 🙂 People always had an unplugged wedding, and simply enjoyed the event and lived in that moment. (We’re certainly being slightly sarcastic here. There was no other option, of course). 

Our Unplugged Wedding & Event Experience

We actually attended a comedy show, with Dave Chappelle, a few weeks ago, here in Austin, Texas. Dave Chappelle created a no-phone policy and had everyone get a “Yonder” pouch upon entry. Everyone placed their phone in the pouch, and it was locked by a staff. You could keep your phone with you, but you had to have it on silent or vibrate and could not access it, until after the show, when they opened the pouch for you, at the exit. 

I thought wow, he must be very concerned about people taking video of the show and sharing it online; however, I also thought, wow, this is the first time I’ve come to an event in a while, and did not use my phone! What a brilliant idea! 

Well, why not do the same and have an unplugged wedding or event? You’ll already hire a photographer and possibly a videographer, so there will be plenty of great pictures and videos. If you want to share those pictures and videos with your guests, you can always post them on social media, later, or send them via email or Google drive, etc.

You don’t have to go and buy lockable phone pouches, but simply ask your guests to turn their phones off (or on silent) and to please not take pictures or post on social media. Then, you and your guests can fully enjoy the moment, with no distractions, just like the days before cell phones! All thanks to Dave Chappelle or to our blog! 🙂 Just kidding, but really, it can be done! 

– Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths

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Jason Alexander Rubio

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