Wedding Business book

We’re proud to announce that we just published our first book, “Succeeding in the Wedding & Events Business.” This is the first, book, EVER published in English and Spanish! The book is now available online, on Amazon and other online book retailers. We can now happily say, “we wrote the book on weddings.” 🙂 

You may or may not know that the wedding and events industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Many wedding and event vendors struggle to succeed and make money beyond a side hustle or part-time income. Even worse, Spanish-speaking vendors tend to make far less money than English-speaking vendors. 

We’ve worked a lot of events with vendors and I always make it a point to talk to everyone. I began putting on wedding/quince expos and noticed that the Spanish-speaking vendors often charged far less than others. I didn’t understand why. Their products were every bit as good as anyone else’s products and services. Many times, they often offered more for a lower price. This just isn’t fair. They work just as hard. 

After seeing this happen so much, I decided to change that! I just published my first book “Succeeding in the Weddings & Events Business: Scale to 6 Figures & Beyond” in January of 2023. (Spanish title: “Triunfar en el Negocio de Bodas y Eventos”)

Spanish Wedding Business book

I’m here to help change that for all business owners, regardless of their preferred language. I am dedicated to helping everyone succeed!   

If you’re in the local Austin area and would like to buy a copy, directly from Jason, just email and let us know. We have author copies set aside for sale, locally. We have them for less than Amazon, at $25. If you’re not local, find the book on Amazon, here.