Wedding DJs Near Me – How to Hire the Best DJs

If you’re looking to hire the best “wedding djs near me,” we’re here to help you do just that. When you type “wedding djs near me,” or simply “djs near me,” you’ll get different results, based on your personal search history and where you live (if you use Google).

Google works hard to bring you the best, personalized results. This is a good thing, but there can be issues, too. Let’s discuss some of those issues, as well as some hiring tips, now.

Wedding DJs Near Me Issues

wedding djs near me questions
Wedding DJs Near Me Questions/Issues

As we mentioned, simply searching “wedding djs near me,” or anything that you’re looking for with “near me” will often show local results, in most cases. Based on where you are, Google will often show you businesses or listings closest to you. This can be a great thing, but it can also be not so great. Here’s why.

  • Not the Best Services for Your Needs
    • The “wedding DJs near you” may simply be a DJ company that is closest to where you are, but they may not the best company in the market. If you simply choose to contact the first few companies that come up, you could be missing out on learning about other great companies, simply because they’re not near you.
    • You’ll be forced to choose between the companies near you and this may cost you financially, or even worse, you may not have the best experience at your wedding!
  • Prices May Be Skewed
    • Location is very important for any business. Business owners know this and therefore, choose their location(s) accordingly. Business owners want to be in the best place where they’ll make more profit. Online, this isn’t any different.
    • People will choose the best zip code where they’ll likely capture the most audiences and profit the most. This means that wedding DJ companies located (physically or online) in more popular areas or areas where income levels may be higher, will price their DJ services accordingly. This is exactly why a meal at a fancy downtown restaurant will cost more than a similar meal in a different part of town. Costs are more and the business owners know people will expect to pay more.
  • You Don’t Always Get What You Pay For
    • Related to the above factors, just because a wedding DJ services is near you, and they’re priced higher than average, doesn’t mean they’re the best choice for your needs. Most people believe the old adage “you get what you pay for.” Usually, this is the case, but not always. Here’s what to do to avoid issues and hire the best DJ for your needs.

Hire the Best Wedding DJ Near You

There are some things you can do to help you find the best services for your needs. Whether it’s wedding DJs, photo booth rentals, or anything you need, here are some tips to help you.

  • Don’t Use “Near Me”
    • I know this seems strange, but you can certainly try it for yourself. Google search “wedding DJs near me.” Note the results. Now, search “wedding DJs” followed by your city (or just “DJs” if you’re not having a wedding). So for Austin, you’d type “wedding DJs Austin.” Try it and see what your results are.
    • You’ll likely notice that you may have a DJ service that appears in both search results. However, this usually doesn’t happen. Feel free to look at the results from your “near me” search, and the city search, and compare them. The main advantage of searching “wedding djs near me” is that if you want to stop by in person, the closest DJ companies to you will be easier to get to.
  • Directory Sites
    • You may also notice that the giant directory websites like Yelp, The Knot, Thumbtack, Wedding Wire, or others, will usually be listed on both searches city and near me searches. These sites are good to use since they’ll have plenty of DJs or other services to choose from. You can also see recent reviews, feedback, and more.
    • The only issue with some of these directory websites is that the results you see first are from wedding vendors who pay to be there. So the results are slightly skewed in favor of the companies who pay more for a higher listing. Also, note that not all wedding DJ companies will be listed on some of the sites, due to the expense. Otherwise, these sites are good to use.
  • Be Careful With Searching for “Cheap Wedding DJs Near Me”
    • Believe it or not, a lot of people search for “cheap wedding djs near me.” We get it, not everyone wants to spend a ton on their wedding DJ service. However, keep in mind that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Hire a professional within your budget.
    • To use an analogy, when you need surgery done, do you ever Google search “cheap surgeons near me?” Likely not. Obviously, because you want a great surgeon who is going to get you the best results possible. You’ll probably look at reviews about the surgeons in your network and choose based upon this.
    • Your wedding DJ choice should have a great record of reviews and happy clients. The DJ should also be a true professional and able to deliver the best experience possible!

Read DJ Company Reviews

Austin's Best DJs customer reviews
Wedding DJs Near You Reviews

Going back to the directory sites, this is a point where they shine. You can easily add filters in your search to narrow down the list of results by cost, services offered, and most importantly, reviews! Reviews are today’s word of mouth. Over 80% of online users trust reviews and understandably so.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search results using “wedding DJs near me” or DJs + city, it’s time to look at the reviews.

  • Recent Reviews Matter Most
    • Pay attention to the most recent 3 months of reviews. This will tell you how they’re performing, now. If the most recent reviews are from 2014, there is an issue. Are they even still in business? You have to wonder.
    • Look for recent reviews and how the company responded to them, too! This will give you an idea of the company’s culture and how your experience may be, too.
  • Number of Reviews
    • Another important thing to consider is the overall number of reviews. If a company claims to have been in business “since 1999,” you’d expect to see a history of hundreds of online reviews. If they only have 20 reviews, and they’re all only from the last year or two, there’s a red flag.
    • Unfortunately, many DJ company owners know how to game the system. If they get too many bad reviews, they’ll simply close all of their directory accounts, and then open up new ones in a different name. If the reviews are all very recent, but they claim to have been in business for years, this is the easiest way to tell that there is something wrong with this company.

Don’t Rule Out Wedding DJs With Negative Reviews

One thing many couples will do to narrow down their wedding DJ company choices is simply to exclude any companies that have less than all 5-star reviews. While this makes sense and makes things easier, consider giving the DJ company with a less than perfect score another shot. Here’s what to look for.

  • How Recent was the Negative Review?
    • As we mentioned earlier, recency counts. When was the last negative review? If it was within the last few months, then yes, maybe you can take them off of your list.
    • If the negative experience was in the last few months, take a moment to read what happened. Sometimes, it’s hard to please every client, every time. What were the client’s complaints? Were they reasonable?
  • How Did the Company Respond?
    • The next important thing to consider is how the company responded to the review(s). Did they lash out at the client? Did they do anything to make it right? Does the company have some sort of warranty or guarantee policy?
    • Personally, I was looking for a company, recently, and I ruled out a local company because of how the company owner responded to their negative review. The owner lashed out and really put down the client. I didn’t want to take a chance and deal with someone who treats people that way. You shouldn’t either!


Overall, we hope that we were able to help you with your “wedding djs near me” search. Hopefully, now you know how to find the right company for your needs. If you’re wondering about DJ prices, read our average wedding DJ pricing article for more great info and tips!

Oh, and by the way, even though we may not come up in your “wedding djs near me” search, it doesn’t mean we can’t provide our DJ services for your wedding/event!  We do destination weddings and we travel anywhere in the world! So if you need a great DJ for your wedding, feel free to contact us!


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