Wedding Lighting Tips

Wedding Lighting Tips – Add Lighting to Make Your Venue Come Alive

wedding lighting tips

Adding accent lighting to your wedding is a fun and exciting way to make your venue come alive. First, remember that the location of your wedding is very important. It’s vital to make sure the venue has ample lighting for dances and other events. For a romantic outdoor wedding, hanging chandeliers can be added to create an enchanting ambiance.

If you’re planning an indoor ceremony, you should visit the site in order to determine if the space is suitable. It’s also a good idea to take your time and visit different venues to get a feel for the room’s ambiance.

Fairy Lighting & String Lights

A new trend that we’re seeing at weddings is floating fairy lights. These lights will add a whimsical touch to your wedding day! It literally looks like your wedding is right under magical stars! Who doesn’t love this look in the above photo? 🙂

It’s also possible to use votive candles and paper lanterns for a romantic effect. Just make sure to use styrofoam to keep the candles afloat. These floating fairy lights are also a great way to accent walkways, stairs, and patios. A lighted wall of string lights will create a magical atmosphere, and can even serve as a lighted sign!

When choosing your lighting, remember to consider your priorities. Are you a foodie? If so, you might want to hang string lights over your reception area or place long lines of taper candles down the center of each table. Incorporating lighting around your food will make your guests sit still and eat!


If you want to add ambiance to your venue, try uplighting. This type of lighting is a very popular choice for weddings and events. Uplights are a great way to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. These lights are used to create an upward beam of light on the walls.

They can be connected by power cords or wirelessly (battery-powered). We only use battery-powered uplights, so there are no cords everywhere.  Depending on the size of your venue, you can place these uplights facing the floor or against the wall. They will shine up the walls and provide a warm and relaxing ambiance.

Monogram Lighting (Gobos)

For a different, more personalized option, consider using a monogram light (gobo). These are glass or metal discs that are placed inside light projectors to produce the desired pattern or your name/initials when projected. Whether you’re going for a traditional look, or you want something fun and unique, custom monograms will make your wedding stand out from the crowd. Using gobos to project your wedding monogram or names on the dance floor is a unique way to set your theme and decorate your venue.

More Lighting Examples

For some great examples of some of the lighting tips we discussed, as well as a few others, check out the video from our friends at Rent My Wedding. Jason (ABDJs’ owner) actually wrote the wedding DJ tips/advice column for over a year for Rent My Wedding, too! 🙂

As always, contact us for more info or to add some of our lighting for your wedding or event!

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