Whenever you plan a wedding, you should always consider your guests in your decision-making. A wedding celebration is about your union, but family and friends are also important parts of your love story. That is why when it comes to food, music, and entertainment (such as a wedding DJ or wedding photo booth), your guests should always be considered.

You want your special guests to have a good time and treasure the wonderful memories you’ll make together that day. If you are looking for ways to keep your guests happy and entertained, we recommend you consider renting a photo booth. You likely already hired a professional photographer for your event. However, he/she cannot be everywhere during the event. Here are five reasons to consider booking a wedding photo booth

A Wedding Photo Booth is a Great Ice-Breaker

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You invite different groups of people to your wedding, and they may not always know each other. One way to break the ice is by booking a photo booth everyone can enjoy. It’s a great conversation starter and an effective way for them to break the ice and enjoy themselves while the program transitions from cocktail hour to the opening of the reception. 

If you need an activity to put people in a good mood while waiting, having a photo booth can make that work for you. Moreover, the photo booth allows people to have fun at a formal event. It helps ease them up, and it’s a great way to put them into party mode. 

You’ll Have Professional Photos

People today rely on digital copies of their photos as souvenirs and not everyone takes the time and spends the money to have their photos printed. One of the best parts of having a wedding photo booth is how you can get a printed copy of your photos instantly. Guests can display it anywhere they want, and it is a great reminder of the great time they spent with family and friends. 

Our photo booth printer is a professional dye-sub printer that prints professional, high-quality photos within seconds after taking your pictures at the booth. The photos are waterproof and will last for years!

Photo Booth Pics Can Serve as Wedding Favors

If you’re not sure what favors to give your guests, the photos from your wedding photo booth as a favor. The fun memories captured during your special day will be printed with your wedding logo or text. The photos showcase the emotions and happy memories of your wedding day.

You can also purchase picture holders from your photo booth company, or even from Amazon. Here is an example of magnetic photo booth sleeves. You’ll hit two birds with one stone if you get a photo booth. You give your guests a small wedding favor and you provide them a fun activity to enjoy. 

Everyone Loves Wedding Photo Booths 

Not everyone is able to dance the night away, but anyone can enjoy the photo booth! Even kids and older adults will love the photo booth fun. If you include a photo booth at your wedding reception, you’re giving your great aunt or grandparents something else to do besides sitting down and watching you all dance. It’s a fun and inclusive activity to have for any special event.

Instant Uploading on Social Media

With a wedding photo booth, there’s no need for guests to wait for several weeks before they get to post a great photo from your wedding. You and your guests will have photos in seconds after taking pictures at the photo booth.

Additionally, you and your guests can easily post them on your social media. Our photo booths are also social media-ready. You can directly upload and share your photo booth photos online for all of your friends and family to see. We can also add hashtags onto each photo strip, provide a custom backdrop, and more.


Getting a photo booth for your wedding might be another expense to add to your wedding budget, but the benefits and memories it can give your guests are priceless. If you are looking for ways to keep your loved ones happy and entertained, having a photo booth at your wedding reception is one way to achieve it.

If you are looking for a photo booth rental in Austin, TX, we can help. Besides helping you have a wonderful night to remember through our wedding DJ services, we also provide you with professional quality photos for you and your guests to keep. Contact us today to make your reservation!

If you’re on a tight budget and would rather DIY your booth, read our DIY photo booth tips article!