When most people think of a wedding, they have their own wedding reception ideas based on their experiences, or maybe movies or photos they’ve seen in the past. Many people may picture a lovely couple dancing to romantic music in a serene and pristine venue. For many, weddings should look and feel like the backdrop of a fantasy where everything is perfect and sweet. That is why most weddings feature a white and cream color palette, intricate designs, gourmet meals, and luxurious decor in the venue.

While there is nothing wrong with following that trend, wedding couples should not be afraid to make their big day their own. Weddings only happen once in a lifetime, so why not make yours memorable and unique in a completely different way?

wedding reception ideas
Wedding Reception Ideas

With that being said, here are five wedding reception ideas to make your special day memorable and fun for everyone:

Wedding Reception Idea #1: Set Up a Fun and Silly Photo Booth

Many wedding events have sweet-looking and elegant photo booths. If you want to refrain from the traditional setups, you can choose to book a photo booth rental that offers different props and costumes that your guests can wear. This idea is perfect if your guests like having fun with friends. It will not only make your wedding unique, but your guests will surely remember and keep the silly yet special photographs that they took at your wedding.

Idea #2: Set Up a Karaoke Station

If you and your guests like to sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs, putting a karaoke station in your wedding reception area would be a great idea. You can set up a small podium where guests can showcase their singing talents to make the event fun for everyone. Have your guests pick their favorite songs and let them perform in front of your other guests. This idea will let you guest play an active role in the festivities.

Idea #3: Hire the Best DJ in Your Area

Playing romantic music in the background while everybody dances or enjoys their meals is nice. However, if you want to level up your wedding reception, consider hiring the best DJ for your wedding/event. You can even ask your guest for referrals to ensure that your wedding will run smoothly. To make it different, ask your DJ to play non-traditional wedding songs so everyone can dance and have a great time.

Take it a step further and allow your guests to request a few of their favorite songs before the wedding. This way, your DJ will be sure to play songs that your guests know and love! If you’re not sure, you can always choose from the top 200 songs of all time. These songs are definitely tunes that your guests will love!

Idea #4: Offer Live Caricature Sketches

Personalize your wedding souvenirs by hiring a caricature artist. If you do not want to follow the typical wedding favors that everybody has, make it different by offering live caricature sketches for your guests to enjoy. These drawings can serve as valuable wedding favors and keep your guests entertained during the reception or while waiting for the meals to be served. To have them personalized, you can request to have your and your partner’s names printed on the borders.

Idea #5: Include Live Acrobatic Performances

If you want to offer a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests, why not go all out and host live performances at your wedding reception? You can hire live acrobats to perform while your guests are waiting for their meals to arrive. These acts can make your wedding feel more alive, and your guests will undoubtedly have fun. However, make sure to ask your wedding reception manager if such activities are allowed at your wedding venue.


A wedding happens only once in your life, so you should make it personalized, memorable, and fun. Follow traditional weddings if you want, but if you wish to have a wedding that you’ll surely remember after years of marriage, consider going out of the box.

You may consider setting up a silly photo booth rental, renting a karaoke machine, hiring the best DJ, offering live caricature sketches, and entertaining your guests with live acrobatic performances.

If you are looking to hire the best DJ and photo booth rental in Austin, get in touch with us today. We have exceptional wedding packages that will surely make your wedding unique, fun, and memorable.