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If you’re getting married soon, wedding safety is certainly something to think about. 2020 has been quite a year with the Coronavirus really impacting weddings and events. There have been so many ordinances and changes in the last few months.

Regardless of all the changes, one thing remains the same: keeping your wedding guests safe is important! We know how important it is to have a fun, memorable wedding day, with your family and friends. Celebrating with your loved ones is important! Weddings are a milestone event and you want all of your closest family and friends there to experience this day with you.

We’re here to help you in several ways. Let’s discuss these.

  • Micro Wedding Packages – We have micro wedding packages if you’re being cautious and having a smaller wedding. Read our micro wedding packages article to learn more about how we’ll help you and your closest friends/family celebrate!
  • Wedding Safety Package – We now have a wedding safety package for your wedding, quinceanera, or event! We know how important it is to have everyone you love there with you. You also want to keep them safe, too. So here’s how we’ll help.

Wedding Safety Package

wedding safety packages
Wedding Safety Packages
  • Air purifiers – We will bring air purifiers for your venue. We can bring one for the groom’s suite, the bridal suite, and one for the reception area, too. We just need to know the exact square footage of the reception area. Whether your reception area is 400 square feet or 4,000 square feet, we’ve got you covered!
  • Hand Sanitizer – We will bring large bottles of hand sanitizer for your guests.
  • Disposable Masks – We will bring masks for your total guest count. Simply tell us how many guests you’ll have and we’ll bring enough for that many guests.
  • Reusable Masks – If you’d rather have reusable masks, we can also order these for an additional charge. These are certainly more environmentally friendly, too! Again, we’ll just need the total guest count.
  • Customized Reusable Masks – If you want to have customized, reusable masks, we can also create these for you for an additional charge. Yes, you can put your names, such as: “Mr & Mrs. Smith” and the date, too! Please let us know if you’re interested in this as soon as possible, as we need additional time to have these hand-made! See the photo below.
custom logo mask
Wedding Safety Package – custom masks

What are the Current Coronavirus Restrictions in Austin?

  • In Austin and Travis County, indoor venues are currently restricted to 50% capacity, but outdoor celebrations are not as restricted.
  • Masks are required indoors
  • Masks are required outdoors if social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Social distancing of 6 ft is strongly encouraged, outdoors
  • Guests must be seated using social distancing

If you’d like to read the actual latest document, click here.

Do Air Purifiers Work Against COVID?

Your last question may be, do air purifiers work? This is not an easily answered question. However, the short answer is yes! I read numerous research articles to be sure that offering air purifiers is even something that will help. Basically, yes, air purifiers do work and will help.

Here are a few tips to help keep your guests safe and how air purifiers can help.

  • Running an Air Purifier Can Help – First and foremost if opening windows are an option, you should certainly ask your venue to open the windows. This will help maintain airflow. On top of this, you can use an air purifier to help clean the air! Our air purifiers have HEPA filters as well as UV lights to truly help cleanse the air. (UV lights are used in hospitals to sterilize rooms).
  • HEPA Air FiltersPurifiers Can Help – In the U.S., the CDC recommended the use of HEPA purifiers to help reduce viral concentrations of the SARS virus in the air when properly ventilated hospital rooms weren’t available. (SARS is in the same virus family as COVID 19).
  • HEPA Filters are Very Effective – HEPA Filters are certified to capture 99.97 percent of particles that are precisely 0.3 micron in diameter. “The novel coronavirus itself is 0.125 microns, but Marr says the droplets it travels in—when people cough, talk, or breathe—initially are larger, around 1 micron. That’s a size easily captured by HEPA filters.”

So overall, yes, air purifiers can help with your wedding safety! Read the actual article with the above-referenced details, here.

Our goal is to help you have a great time at your wedding, while keeping your guests safe. Yes, you can book our wedding safety package without booking our DJ or photo booth services. Contact us, today, for more information.

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