Wedding Send-Off Tips & Ideas – 5 Awesome Ideas

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Wedding Sparkler Send-Off

Wedding Sparkler send-off!

Wedding Sparkler Send-Off, at Antebellum Oaks – Austin, TX

Looking for great wedding send-off tips and ideas? We’ve got your covered! When it comes to wedding send-offs, by far, the most popular send-off for the weddings we do in the Austin and central Texas area is the sparkler send-off. It looks GREAT in photos and is fairly easy to do! You simply need to buy sparklers, bring a way to light them, and a bucket with water!

Buying sparklers isn’t too hard, either. There are plenty of websites that have them for sale. The prices can really vary, depending on the seller and on the size you need. We recommend 36-inch sparklers since they last about 3-4 minutes, each. 20 inch sparklers are okay, but they only last 1-2 minutes. You’ll need a longer time since you have to light everyone’s sparkler before the couple walks through!

The site  we use to purchase our sparklers is “Wedding Day Sparklers.” They have the best prices and great products. Find your sparklers, today, by visiting wedding day sparklers

Wedding Bubble Send-Off 

Bubble wedding send-off!

Bubble Send-Off

Bubble send-offs also look great for pictures! Keep in mind, however, that the lighting has to be bright, so the bubbles show up well in the photos. If you want to do a bubble send-off, try scheduling a “mock send-off” early. You can have all your guests line up, early in the evening (just before sunset photos is a great time) and take send-off photos! They’ll look great and all your guests will be in the photo. Then, you can go right back inside and party! 🙂

Neon Glow Sticks Wedding Send-Off

Glow Stick Send-Off Austin's Best DJs & Photo Booths

Glow Stick Send-Off

​If you don’t like the idea of an actual fire, or if the venue does not allow sparklers, glow sticks are a great alternative! They look great in pictures, too! These can work in day or night settings and you simply need to have your guests grab one on their way out. No time wasted, waiting for everyone to light their sparklers. Keep in mind many of your guests may be “tipsy” so lighting sparklers can often take longer than it should! 🙂

Environmentally-Friendly Send-Offs

​We definitely did not forget green wedding send-off tips! Other more environmentally friendly send-offs are great too! Birdseed send-offs, which have to be done in brighter settings, unless the photographer has the appropriate lighting, which they should. Just be sure to speak to your photographer about this, in advance.

Another green alternative is leaves! In the fall, the various leave colors look amazing in photos! Search for “leaves for wedding send-off,” to see some great photos! Keep in mind, photographers use editing, so the colors can be enhanced on some of the photos. Rose petals and flower petals also always look great in photos, too!

Other green wedding send-off tips & ideas include: 

  • Paper planes – yes, you can ask your friends and family to take a moment and make their best paper plane to throw during the grand exit! 
  • Ribbon wands and pom poms are also great, green alternatives! They’ll look great in photos and can be reused, too! We’re a huge fan of green/environmentally-friendly wedding send-off tips & ideas, so if you have more ideas that we didn’t mention, feel free to let us know and we can add them. 

Overall, these are the most popular wedding send-off tips & ideas that we commonly see in the Austin, San Antonio, and central Texas area. There are plenty more great ideas, of course. Feel free to leave us a comment, or contact us for more info. Thanks for reading and happy wedding planning! 

– Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths Team 

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