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One of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding is choosing the wedding theme and ambiance. Couples can have different ideas about the right theme for them, which can lead to an odd combination of two contrasting styles. Or worse, they could settle down on generic wedding themes instead.

If you’re having trouble settling on your wedding’s theme, consider the music you want to hear on your big day to help you decide. Understanding the music you like will give you a better idea of what your special occasion’s overall tone and mood should be.

wedding theme music tips
Wedding Theme Tips

Match the Wedding Theme & Mood With Music

When it comes to planning any event, different elements play a part in setting the occasion’s mood. Anything from your venue choice to your invites’ design will contribute to your guests’ experience on your special day. Music is also an important factor in making the event fun and memorable for everyone.

In this article, we will share four music genres that match with unique wedding themes.

Go Retro With Swing & Big Band Music

Most weddings usually follow a romantic and graceful mood. However, with Swing & Big Band music, the couple and their guests will be ready to dance to the heart-pumping beat. Swing music is best paired with events featuring retro and vintage elements that fit the 1920s (Roaring ’20s) and 1930s art deco period.

If you want to introduce some pop and funk to your theme, you can choose revival genres such as electro swing and swing pop to put your event’s energy levels through the roof.

Go Rustic With Country Music

Country-themed weddings give you a wide selection of artists to choose from. Modern country artists such as Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, and Shaina Twain can add a modern touch to your playlist. Country-style weddings blend both the old and new through neutral colors and humble venues.

With Rustic-themed weddings, these events are best hosted in outdoor venues that can make you and your guests feel like you’re in the countryside. Be sure to check out our Top Country music songs article for great song ideas.

Stay Graceful With Ballroom Music

The timeless selection of ballroom music is perfect for all ages. It’s excellent for recreating different history- and fantasy-themed weddings. Waltz is one of the more popular options you can choose from, and with good reason.

It highlights both slow and fast tempo songs, depending on the period that you want to take inspiration from. Ballroom music is a popular option for people who want to keep the occasion elegant and formal.

Use a Music Wedding Theme & Decor

If you don’t want to narrow it down to one main genre, that’s okay. If you and your significant other simply love music, you can simply have a music-themed wedding!

You can have a vinyl record guest sign-in “book,” song request forms on each table that have cassette tape templates, wedding invitations using records as the invitation template, etc. You can even have a wedding cake that has musical notes or music themed decor on it!


Weddings should embody the couple’s combined dreams for their special day. In planning such a momentous event, you can make the daring option of blending two unlikely wedding themes to make both parties happy. The trick to making your dream wedding happen is by hiring the right team to help you achieve your creative vision.

If you’re looking for an Austin disc jockey who knows how to blend your theme with their playlist, you can count on Austin’s Best DJs. Our professional DJs know how to handle the musical aspect of your big day in Travis County. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll make sure that your wedding songs set the mood of the celebration.

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