Should You Hire a DJ for Your Wedding/Event?

hire a dj for a wedding
                             Should You Hire a DJ?


Some people feel that if you hire a DJ for a wedding, it may be an unnecessary expense. The general opinion is that wedding DJs are there to provide background music for the ceremony and reception, nothing else. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Experienced, professional wedding DJs do much more than just play background music. Ironically, when they do their job well, you won’t notice it much, because everything will be going smoothly and you’ll be having a great time. On the other hand, if the DJ doesn’t do a great job, you and your guests surely will notice. 

Your DJ’s role is similar to that of a wedding coordinator but for the audio of your big day. In this article, we’ll go over what a DJ will do for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Coordinate With You & Your Vendors

A wedding DJ can meet with you and your planner to come up with a list of songs for your cocktail hour, dinner, for lulls during the reception, the dance, and for the afterparty. They can help you stay on schedule on the day of the wedding, and provide technical support for your videographer, photographer, and other wedding vendors.

Though most of the planning will fall upon your wedding planner and lead coordinator, experienced DJs might have helpful suggestions for your ceremony and reception.

During the event, an experienced wedding DJ can smoothly execute your timeline. They can make announcements and cue your vendors and guests, adjust for hold-ups in the proceedings, and do all of these things without any of your guests ever knowing a thing! 

Ensure the Evening Goes Smoothly

No matter how well you plan for your wedding day, there is always a chance that something may go awry. If you experience an issue during the wedding, a skilled DJ can help move things along to get you and the timeline back on track. Pretty soon, your guests will have moved on to the next thing on the agenda, all thanks to your DJ’s sense of timing and experience.

Create Custom Mixes for Your Wedding

Your DJ will have considerable advice and recommendations for great wedding songs. This is great if you aren’t too much of a music fan and are struggling with your wedding playlist.

Great DJs have multiple bookings a month. They know which songs work well with father-daughter dances, which ones are great for a couple’s first dance, which are crowd favorites, and which ones aren’t so inspiring.

DJs are also up-to-date and familiar with all the latest hit songs. An experienced, professional DJ can also create custom song edits or remixes of your favorite tunes. Your DJ can keep your first dance short if you’re not the type who relishes being in the spotlight. They can also keep the song going if you’re the opposite! 

If you are planning on breaking into a dance or choreographed dance routine with your spouse or your parents, your DJ will have you covered! Professional DJs can also create custom songs or dance remixes for your key dances, too. All you need to do is ask.

DJs Provide Additional Support

Your wedding DJ can also be your Master of Ceremonies (MC or emcee). An experienced emcee keeps the program flowing smoothly, makes key announcements, and prompts guests for the next parts of your event.

If there are issues, your experienced professional can easily adapt and make changes, to keep things going on without a hitch! You also won’t have to worry about important announcements being drowned out by the music, with an experienced MC.  

DJs May Offer Additional Options

Furthermore, some DJs may offer a photo booth, uplighting, and many other options in their wedding/event packages. A photo booth is perfect for your wedding guests who are unable to dance, or just don’t care to dance. 

Regarding lighting, uplighting, pin spots, wash lighting, and other lighting systems can highlight your venue’s focal points and other important areas of your wedding venue. The right lighting definitely adds to the ambiance of your party and will really wow your guests! 


Any party just isn’t the same without music. Music is one of the quickest ways to set or change the mood in an event. You can get the good vibes flowing through a celebration by hiring the right DJ.

If you want to have a lively reception and afterparty, a surefire way to achieve that is by deciding to hire a DJ who will spin some great tune for you and your guests!

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