Why to Plan Your Holiday Party ASAP

Plan Your Holiday Party ASAP

Plan Your Holiday Party ASAP

Plan Your Holiday Party ASAP – Summer is seriously just around the corner and almost no one is thinking about the holidays. Well, no one except clever people like you, who are reading this blog, of course! 🙂 This is the BEST time for you to start planning your family or company holiday party! Why? Because no one else is doing this and this is a great advantage for you! Let’s discuss a few reasons why you need to plan your holiday party, ASAP!

1. Book the Perfect Venue and Save! 

If you’re planning your holiday party early, you won’t have to worry about the mad rush to find an open venue. The early bird gets the worm, is definitely true in this case. If you start planning before Labor Day, you’ll beat everyone else and you may be able to save some money doing it!

Venues and event vendors like to fill up their calendars early, so they may be more willing to work with your budget if they have nothing else booked, yet! We already booked two holiday parties, two months ago! Kudos to those early planners! 🙂

2. Plenty of Planning Time

Holiday parties are a big deal and they take a lot of planning. Sure, you can certainly plan a holiday party at the last minute, but you’ll be forced to book the only venue, catering, entertainment, etc., that is open. This puts you in a bad spot. For one, they may be open for a reason (they may not be everyone’s first choice). Second, they can pretty much charge you any rate they want, since they know you are planning at the last minute and need to book someone ASAP! This gives them full control of the situation, and you don’t want that!

3. Book the Best Entertainment

When it comes to holiday parties, the entertainment you book is very important. Whether you’re booking a DJ, photo booth rental, or whatever your needs are, the earlier you book, the better. You’ve spent months planning this party, and once dinner is done, you want your entertainment to keep your guests happy and entertained. Nothing is worse than having everyone leave early! Book great entertainment to be sure that your guests have a great time!

4. Save Money

As we mentioned earlier, businesses like to fill up their calendars, so if you approach them in June, about a December event, they will be much more likely to work with your budget. Not many weddings are happening in December, so vendors usually book holiday parties during December.

Again, the earlier you book, the better chance you’ll have to save money! This is one of the best reasons to plan your holiday party, early. Speaking of savings, let’s discuss the last topic which is a very frequently asked question.


Are Holiday Parties Tax Deductible?

When it comes to taxes, we’re certainly not the experts. However, we do our research as it applies to our field. The tax code was recently revised, and it can certainly be confusing. It’s hard to tell what is tax-deductible, what is not, and if some things are only 50% tax-deductible. Here’s the latest info, as explained by Bench.co website. Basically, a company-wide party is 100% tax-deductible! Here’s a picture with the new tax code changes, as they relate to holiday parties.

We hope this article has been helpful. Now get to work and plan your holiday party already! 🙂 As always, please feel free to leave us your comments, and feedback, ask any questions, or visit our contact page, and we’ll be happy to help!

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