Zilker Clubhouse in Austin, TX Wedding Venue

Zilker Clubhouse in Austin, Texas – A Great Wedding Venue

Zilker Clubhouse Inside

Zilker Clubhouse Inside

Austin's Best DJs at Zilker Clubhouse

Austin’s Best DJs at Zilker Clubhouse

If you’re considering booking Zilker Clubhouse in Austin, Texas, for your wedding, quinceanera, or event, you’ve come to the right place! 🙂 We have direct experience from two sides. First, as wedding and event DJs and photo booth rental providers, and second, as guests at an event there.

So here is our advice, based on our experiences. Oh, and no, we were not paid to write this. We’re simply trying to help anyone who is considering this venue for their wedding or event. I like to start with the cons, simply to get them out of the way. I want to end on a positive note! 🙂 

Cons of Booking Zilker Clubhouse in Austin, TX

No air conditioning – You have to be very selective when considering booking Zilker Clubhouse. If you’re having your wedding, quinceanera or event in May until around early September, know that it’s HOT in Austin, TX. If you’re booking in mid-late-December – late February, it may be cold. This is a huge factor to consider and cannot be ignored. You want your guests to be comfortable, so be aware that the weather is certainly a concern.

Even if you’re indoors, it’s pretty open and the weather outside will likely be what it feels like inside. They do have heating and ceiling fans, but the times that we’ve been there, those have very little impact on the environment, to be honest. You can bring fans, portable AC/Heaters, but it’s still hard to combat the weather.

That being said, consider booking Zilker Clubhouse in Austin, for fall weddings or events. The weather is perfect in Austin! It’s not too hot or cold, which is why fall is our busiest season in Austin!

  1. Limited Hours – ​If you are planning to DIY everything, know that it can be tough to set up everything you need and take it all down, in the allotted rental time that you have. You can do an all-day rental, which is 10 AM – 12 midnight. The sound will have to be off by 11 pm (1 hour prior to the end of your rental period). If you’re having a wedding from 4-10 pm, you’ll have to arrive right at 10 am, to set up, and you’ll have from 10 – 3 pm, to set up. This may seem like a lot of time, but depending on how many people are helping set up, it may be plenty, or barely enough.
    • We’ve been to Zilker clubhouse many times and the events were delayed, simply because they were not done setting up. So it’s best to have at least 10 people or more, to help set up and tear-down!
  2. Limited Parking – Though the parking isn’t terrible, it is somewhat limited. The parking is limited to 60 cars. If you’re having 150 guests, not everyone will carpool. You’ll certainly have to encourage people to carpool, though. It can work, but every time we’re there, the parking is a little tricky.

From a Vendor’s Perspective

  1. Power Outlets – This is from the vendor’s perspective. The inside has very limited power outlets. There are 6 in the kitchen, and 3 in the rest of the interior. Three is very limited. If you’re having a DJ or band, they’ll need one power outlet, dedicated to their equipment.
  2. You may want to include lighting indoors, so this will be tricky. Having too many lights on one power outlet can trip the breaker. So this means you’ll have to have the DJ or photo booth, outside. This is fine, but if it rains, is too hot, or too cold, this can affect the equipment.
    • We’ve done outdoor events that impacted our lighting. It was literally 15 degrees and the lights were having issues. Additionally, outdoor power outlets can easily be tripped (shut off). We had a few events at Zilker Clubhouse in Austin, and the clients were plugging in a few fans into one outlet, and the power shut off a few times. 🙁 So just be aware of this. 

Pros of Booking Zilker Clubhouse

Now, let’s get to the pros of booking at the Zilker Clubhouse in Austin, TX. There are a few great things about booking here! Let’s discuss these. 

  1. Affordable – First and foremost, most of the city venues are VERY affordable, in comparison to other comparable sized venues. Zilker Clubhouse is only $1050 for City of Austin residents, and $1450 for non-residents, for an all-day rental.
    • They do ask for a refundable $300 damage deposit, which makes the total $1350 and $1750, but just be sure to not damage the property, or violate any rules, and have the venue cleaned up before the rental period is over, and you’ll get that $300 back! Also, if you’re not a resident and you have a family member or friend who is, simply ask them to reserve it for you! 🙂 You’ll also need to get a sound permit for your band or DJ, which is $20. 
  2. Size – Though it isn’t the largest venue, it can accommodate 150 guests, which is the average size of most weddings/parties. The indoor space is about 1200 square feet, and the outdoor patio space is about 2,000 square feet. This is a pretty good amount of space if you utilize both areas. 
  3. Kitchen – Zilker does have a kitchen area, which is helpful, especially for DIY weddings. Just know that the stove is for warming only, and you should not count on using it to prepare meals. They also have outdoor grills, if you need them, which is a plus!
  4. Tables and Chairs – This is a very good perk. Some venues do not provide tables and chairs, which means you’ll have to spend more to rent them. Zilker Clubhouse offers 25 six ft tables (rectangle), 3 six ft round tables (good for cake, a head table, or sign-in/gift table), and 150 metal folding chairs. You’ll need to rent or buy chair covers if you want a more elegant look. 
  5. The View – Last, but certainly not least, this venue has one of the most amazing views in Austin! The pictures you’ll take with the Austin skyline will look amazing! This alone is why many people book Zilker Clubhouse in Austin, TX! You’ll have amazing pictures! 🙂

Our Overall View

Overall, the Zilker Clubhouse in Austin, TX is a great venue! Just be sure you know what you’re getting into. Check out more information and read the complete list of details about renting Zilker Clubhouse in this PDF. We hope this has been helpful!

Do you still have more questions about Zilker Clubhouse in Austin? As always, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help in any way that we can. 

​- Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths

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