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Wedding/Event Online Song Requests

DJ song request - Austin's best djs

Guest Requests for Weddings/Events (Before Event Date)

We make it easy for your event guests to request music for your wedding, or event. If you’d like for your guests to add requests to your playlist, let us know and we can set you up with your own, unique login code to give to your guests to request music for your event!

Guests: please enter the group name and password to access the guest request system, below. All requests will stop 14 days prior to the event date.

Text Your DJ Song Request - Dedications & Announcements

Text Your Song Request: If you already know the song title and artist for your request, you can simply text your DJ (click the “message the DJ” button, below) to send your DJ a text message! 

Please include event details, such as location of event (we often do several events in one day). Text Example: “please play ‘Yeah’ by Usher. We’re at the Smith wedding, at Texas Old Town, in Kyle.

Dedications/Announcements: Need your DJ to make an announcement at your event? No problem!