Dancing on the Clouds | First Dance, Parent Dances & More

Dancing on the clouds looks amazing. You & your partner will literally feel like you’re on top of the world!

Dancing on the Clouds - Amazing Wedding First Dance Photo

dancing on the clouds at wedding

Let us help you take amazing wedding photos and truly transform your first dance, parent dance, grand entrance, or other special moment. Our cloud machine creates thick clouds that will stay on the floor, creating the effect of dancing on the clouds.

Add some of up lighting for an even better effect, and voila, you’ll literally look like you’re dancing on the clouds! The photos, above and below, have uplighting on the floor added to better create the clouds effect. 

What is the Cloud Effect?

low lying fog cloud machine rental Austin

The cloud machine rental that we provide is similar to the ones you may have seen at other events. Here are the details:

  •  Dry Ice – most of the cloud machines that you’ve seen use dry ice. Dry ice is safe, but adequate ventilation must be in the room if the dry ice will last more than 10 minutes (it usually last 6-8 minutes, max).
  • Safe for Venues – the last thing you want at your wedding or quinceanera is to dance to the lovely sounds of fire alarms! Our machine will not set off any fire alarms, ever! 
  • No Smoky Mess – most fog machines will leave a huge cloud or hazy smoke. While it may help the lighting look cool, it’s pretty annoying (and smells bad) for you and your guests. We wanted to avoid this, too. 

Cloud Machine Rental & Lighting for Your Event

If you’re looking for the cloud machine rental in the Austin or central Texas area, we’ve got you covered. This is perfect for:
  • Wedding first dance
  • Quinceaneras
  • Grand entrances – many grooms have said, “I want to come in like the wrestlers with smoke and the sparkler machines!” 🙂
  • Grand exits
  • You can even have a “clouds photo booth,” which will be far different from the other photo booths you’ve seen!

Add our lighting or our cold spark machines to really look like a rockstar (or a wrestler) haha. Don’t worry, the cold spark machines are also safe, too! We also offer custom monograms, up-lighting, large lighted marquee letters, and much more. Renting any or all of these will surely help you take amazing photos of your wedding or event!

Contact us, today, to discuss your event details!


To rent the “cloud machine” for your Austin area event, it is $395 if you add it on to any of our packages. If you only rent this item, an additional delivery/tech fee will apply.