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Top Quinceanera Trends (and Sweet 15s/16s)

2024 Quinceanera Trends: These are the latest trends that you definitely need to see! (and yes, we’ve included Quinceanera dresses, too) 🙂

If you’re planning to have a Quinceanera, Sweet 15 or Sweet 16 in the Austin, San Antonio, or central Texas area, or anywhere in the world, then you have probably noticed that there is far less information available for Quince planning than say, wedding planning. We’re not sure why, since Quinces happen every weekend, all year long! Fortunately, we’re here to help you by giving the planning tips and information that you need to plan your quinceanera!

End of 2023 Trends

As 2023 ended, more and more, we’re getting asked: “what are some new 2024 quinceanera trends that you’re seeing?” Every year, we see different trends, and often, similar trends from the prior, but slight variations of the previous quince trends. 

As the leading provider of Austin and central Texas Quinceanera DJs and Austin, Texas photo booth rentals,  (including sweet 15/16s, school dances, fundraisers, and proms), we get to be a part of numerous Quinces & sweets, and we get to work with a lot of great teens!

We also help many families plan their parties & events. We already have several events booked for 2024 and we’ve seen some great, new trends. Here are the top 3 Quinceanera trends we saw for late 2023 & now, in 2024 (we also included some of the 2023 trends for reference).

New Quinceanera Dresses!

For most quinces and Sweet 15s & Sweet 16s, we usually see the more traditional pastel colors and lighter colors, like Pink, Tiffany Blue, Emerald Green, and often Red. For 2023 events, we noticed changes to these traditional colors. More people broke the traditions and went with new, different colors!
We saw more Burgundy theme colors really taking over! (By the way Maroon/Burgundy is Jason’s favorite color, but he’ll try to not be biased and be objective when writing these tips, haha). Darker colors definitely made their way into many quinces, in 2023 & 2024 events.
New dress colors that are trending, especially Rose Gold and Charro & Mariachi style Quince dresses, too! Here are some pictures below of those dresses. These dresses will definitely look great for your 2024 quince! 

Rose Gold Dress - Austin's Best DJs & Photo Booths

Rose Gold Quinceanera Dress

Mariachi Charro Style Dress - quinceanera trends

Mariachi/Charro Style Quinceanera Dress

2024/2025 Trend: Green Quinceanera Dresses

​For 2024/2025 quinces, these colors are changing, again! What we’re seeing now, is newer, fresh colors. Besides the darker colors, which we love, we’re seeing lighter, different colors, too! Green quinceanera dresses are making their way into 2024 quinces and sweet 15s & sweet 16s.
There are different variations of the green dresses, such as a Mint Green dress, Turquoise, and even Lime Green dresses, too! Here are some examples, below.

Quinceanera Green Dress! Austin's Best DJs & Photo Booths

Green Quinceanera Dresses!

Mint Green Dress Austin's Best DJs & photo booths

Quinceanera Dress: Mint Green

2024 Trends: Royal Blue Quinceanera Dress

Royal Blue quinceanera dresses are also part of the new 2024 Quinceanera trends! Also, if you haven’t noticed, quince dresses are also making their way to more than one night of the quinceanera’s life: Prom! As Austin’s favorite school dance DJs, we provide prom DJs and photo booth rentals for many Austin and central Texas proms.

We see many young ladies with similar dresses that look like they could be a quince dress, and well, why not? Who says you can’t wear these dresses to prom? We love it! Reuse them and look like a fabulous princess, all over again! 🙂 

Also, if your guests aren’t sure about the quince attire, be sure to have them check out our article, what to wear to a quinceanera. Yes, we write as many helpful tips as possible. Here are some of the Royal Blue dresses and of course, last year’s trend, tied with this year’s color, in the picture on the right. 

More Dress Styles & Quince Colors Ideas

Be sure to read our quinceanera colors article for top quinceanera color ideas and tips! 

Royal Blue Quince Dress Austin's Best DJs

2024 Quince Trend: Royal Blue Dress

Royal Blue, Charro style

2024 Quince Dress: Royal Blue, Charro Dress

Beauty and the Beast & Other Disney Quince Themes

We also noticed that many Quinceaneras opted to have quince themes, which happened in 2023, but we’re seeing this as 2024 Quinceanera trends, too. These themes are paired with music from the theme or movie. We did many Quinces with a Beauty and the Beast theme, and a few with the Little Mermaid, theme, too (even a wedding).

Sometimes, the Chambelan de Honor (the Quinceanera’s escort) even dressed up exactly like the beast, with a Beast mask/headpiece! It was awesome! We played most of the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, as well, for the different ceremonies.

Other Quinces are also discussing other Disney movie themes, like Cinderella, The Little Mermaid (the court is even dressing up as characters from the movie), and Frozen! 

More Entertainment Options & Decor

2019/2020 Quince Trend: Giant Letter Rentals Austin's Best DJs

2024 Quince Trend: Large Marquee Letters!
This year, we also noticed that more and more Quinces, Sweet 15s, and Sweet 16s, are choosing to go “all-out” and add as many options as they can. As we previously stated, Quinces and sweets are like weddings, but for 15 and 16 year-olds, now. We certainly understand since this is a very important, once-in-a-lifetime moment for a young girl and her family and friends! 

Most Quinces are planned 12-18 months in advance and have many of the same options. From us, they’ll now add a photo booth, uplighting, a personalized monogram, and giant lighted marquee letter rentals. We’ve also added giant games, glow sticks and balloons, projector and screen (for slideshows and/or videos), and even now, Karaoke! 

Additionally, many quinces will book a limo service or a party bus (who doesn’t want to arrive in style?), sparkler entrances and send-offs, (just like a wedding), and even choreographed father and daughter dances, and now, mother and daughter dances, too! Things are certainly changing and we’re loving these new 2024 Quinceanera trends & Quinceanera dresses!

More Planning Info

Don’t’ forget to check out our Quinceanera/Sweet 15 Planning Tips article, for great tips to plan the big day! Do you still have more questions or want to talk with us about booking our services or Quinceanera trends? Be sure to contact Austin’s Best DJs, today, and let’s talk about your upcoming event. Let’s celebrate, together! 

– Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booth