Texas Old Town: An Inside Look at Their 4 Wedding Venues

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If you’re planning your wedding in the Austin, San Antonio or central Texas area, chances are, Texas Old Town (TOT) has made it onto your shortlist of wedding venues. If it is not, then read this article to determine whether it should be!

TX Old Town is one of the very popular hill country wedding/event venues, located in Kyle, Texas. This is a short drive from Austin or San Antonio, which is a plus. We have done many events at Texas Old Town, and have even been vendors at a few of their open house events as a wedding DJ & photo booth provider.

Why We’re Writing This Article

The goal of this article is to offer insight and a deeper look into booking one of TOT’s venues for your event. We offer the perspective of a wedding vendor, and as a guest! Please note: we are not getting paid for this article, and we were not asked to write this article by anyone from the Texas Old Town team.

We’re simply writing this article from an objective point of view as a wedding vendor. We are also writing this article from the objective point of view as a guest attending a few weddings/events at a few of their halls. We do love working at their venues and the staff has always been great, there. Just know that this will be as objective as possible! 🙂 Let’s start discussing the pros & cons and a little more details about the halls/venues.

Texas Old Town’s Venues & Pricing

First, TOT sits on a huge, 70-acre property! They have 4 unique halls/venues. The venues have the rustic theme, but with the nice, much-needed addition of AC/heat for our crazy central Texas weather! 

This makes TOT appealing to book for your wedding/event any time of year! Many of the other similar rustic venues are outdoor venues, that are barn style. They’re also nice, but with Texas’ unpredictable weather, an indoor venue is almost a must, most of the year!

TOT Venues:

  • Redbud (150 capacity) $1750 – $5000 for a Saturday wedding during March – May, Oct – Nov (peak season will be the highest pricing)
  • Sage (300 capacity) $2500 – $6500 for a Saturday wedding during March – May, Oct – Nov (peak season will be the highest pricing)
  • Stone Hall (300 capacity) $3000 – $7500 for a Saturday wedding during March – May, Oct – Nov (peak season will be the highest pricing)
  • Tejas (320 capacity) $2250 – $5750 for a Saturday wedding during  March – May, Oct – Nov (peak season will be the highest pricing)

Pros of Each Venue

  • Indoor/outdoor venues – All of the venues have the option to have an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception, which is also nice. What we love about Old Town is that each venue has its own unique appeal. The venues have a similar inspiration, but each looks a little different. The ceremony areas are different, as well.
  • A Variety of Sizes – TOT offers venues that can suit smaller weddings and events, and even larger weddings, of up to 350 guests! This is perfect for just about any event.
  • Reasonable Prices – Texas Old Town offers a venue/hall for most budgets. The prices range from as little as $1750, for the smaller venue (Redbud Hall), up to $7500, for the larger venue (Stone Hall), on a Saturday. This is about average for weddings and events in the Austin-metro area! They also don’t have any hidden fees, which is nice. They’ll give you a quote and that’s the price you’ll pay!
  • Long Rental Times – This is one reason we love doing events at TOT! The rental time is from 8 AM – midnight! Yes, you get 16 hours! That’s plenty of time. This is perfect for you if you’re a DIY bride/groom, and perfect for your vendors, too! We LOVE being able to get there early, set up, and then come back, later, ready to go!
  • Bridal/Groom Suites – This is a huge plus! Not every venue offers bridal/groom suites. This is included, free!
  • Included Sound Systems – The outdoor ceremony area has an included sound system. When we’re there providing our ceremony/reception wedding DJ services, we usually bring our own. We have seen some companies use the included sound system. The venues also have a built-in sound system for the reception. We also bring our own, simply because we prefer our own sound system, as we’re used to it. We’ve seen many DIY weddings simply use the venue’s system and save a lot of money!
  • Clean-up is Included – Clean-up and break-down are included after your event! This is VERY helpful. Having to clean up after a 14-15 hour day is hard to do. Luckily, you won’t have to, here!
  • Free Parking – Parking is free, and there is plenty of parking for all of your guests. For some venues, such as those in downtown Austin, guests have to pay for parking. Parking can be expensive downtown, ranging from $10 up to $60! Luckily, it’s free at TOT!
  • Overall Beautiful Grounds – The landscaping and added water features look great in your photos!

Choose Your Own Vendors!

  • Although TOT has a preferred vendor list, you’re not obligated to use their vendors. This is a plus because oftentimes, preferred vendors can charge any rate they want if they know you’ll be required to book them through the venue. This isn’t fair, in our opinion. Luckily, TOT doesn’t do this, other than the bar service. They do require you to use Texas Ritas bar service.

Cons of the Venues

There are numerous pros to booking Texas Old Town for your wedding or event. As promised, we are being objective and will list some cons. The pros greatly outweigh the cons, though. Here are a few cons we noticed as vendors and as guests.

  • End Time is 11 pm – Though this is honestly great for wedding vendors, it’s not ideal for some weddings/events. We think 11 pm is a very reasonable end time, but many times, we’ve had brides, grooms, and other clients complain that we had to end “so early.” They were informed of the end time, but perhaps a little alcohol and having a great time, made them forget that we had to end at 11 pm. 🙂 We usually take it as a compliment that they don’t want to end! So basically,  it’s a pro and con, depending on who you ask.
  • Other Events on the Same Day – TOT has 4 venues. They are one of the most well-known wedding venues in the area, so basically, they’re busy. We have had clients complain that they wanted to have music indoors and outdoors for cocktail hour. We were unable to do this since other weddings were happening at the same time. This is respectful and understandable, but this was an issue we’ve heard from some clients. We don’t think it’s a major issue, but it has been brought up from time to time.
  • Outdoor restrooms – Some of the halls have restrooms that are located outside. Not all of the halls have this, but some do. The restrooms are adequate and always clean, but they are located in a different area. Some guests have complained about it when it was pouring rain, which is understandable. This was actually the case when we went to an event as guests, too. We didn’t bring an umbrella, so it was a hassle, but not horrible by any means. It’s definitely not a deal-breaker, though!

These are the main cons that we’ve heard from guests over the years. As we mentioned, above, the pros greatly outweigh these few cons. We are booked at Texas Old Town, just about almost every month, all year long. I know we definitely get emails from clients who are having events there, just about every month, too! We are usually asked about doing events at Stone Hall, which is their largest hall, and Tejas Hall, most often.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, we love TOT and always have great experiences there, as vendors, and as guests! They have numerous great reviews on Wedding Wire, The Knot, and many other sites. They have that many reviews and awards, and are that busy for a reason! They’re awesome! 🙂

If you’re considering renting one of their venues, we highly recommend it! Be sure to contact anyone on their great team. They have great customer service and by far, TOT is one of the best venues in the central Texas area for your wedding or event! Tell them Austin’s Best DJs sent you! 🙂

Be sure to check out our blog articles from weddings and events we’ve done at Texas Old Town, for photos, videos, and more! Just click on the “weddings” and “events” links!

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