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If you’re struggling to make your Quinceanera DJ playlist, you’ve come to the right place. Every month, we help many families who are planning their quinceanera, create the perfect playlist for this special day! Whether you’re planning your quince in our Austin, San Antonio, or central Texas market, or anywhere else in the world, this article will help you. Even if you’re not our client, we’re still happy to help you! 🙂 Let’s discuss our Quinceanera DJ playlist tips, now.

Choosing the Best Songs for Your Quinceanera Music List

Consider a Variety of Music Genres

When planning your quinceanera, you have to think about all of the guests who will be there with you to celebrate this special day. You’ll have guests young and old, who will have a variety of musical tastes. Remember to include music that everyone will enjoy, if your goal is to have everyone dancing. 

If you’re not sure what your guests or relatives would like to hear, just ask! Ask these guests what type of music they’d like to hear. If you have a quinceanera website, you can add a link for the guests to make songs requests. If you are a client of ours, we can create a music request login for you and your guests. We can then see which songs your guests want to hear and be sure to add them to your Quinceanera DJ playlist. It’s that easy! 

What is Your Goal? 

When creating your playlist, you also have to consider what your goal for the night is. Do you want to play music for everyone, or just for the quinceanera and her friends? We’ve done events where parents simply said “this is her birthday party. This is all about her. Play whatever she wants for her and all of her friends.” 

While we understand this logic, as experienced professionals, we know that this isn’t always the best decision. There will be lots of family and older relatives who want to hear their favorite music too. They may be upset if the DJ is only playing for “the kids.” The decision is up to you, but we recommend playing a variety of music for all of the guests! 

Be Clear With Your Quince DJ

Overall, the choice is completely yours to make. You can send your DJ a playlist of your favorite songs. Many quinceaneras will simply send us a Spotify link to their favorite songs that they’d like to hear. This helps us get a great idea of what they like. We’ll use this to build our playlist around.

If you want to make it really easy, simply tell your DJ which special key moment songs to play (court entrance song, court waltz, father/daughter dance, surprise dance, etc), and then just tell the DJ your preferred genres. This is minimal work for you. However, you have to really trust that your DJ is experienced in Quinces and will play the right songs for your event.

We hope this Quinceanera DJ Playlist article will help you plan your perfect playlist. As always, comment or ask any questions and we’re always happy to help! For more great planning tips, check out our 5 Great Quince Planning Tips article! Also, be sure to read our Quinceanera DJ Cost article, for typical Quince DJ prices! 

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